June 19, 2021

Canarias obtains more than 15 medals in the Spanish Championship

A shower of medals for the Canary Islands team that took part this weekend in the Spanish Kickboxing and Muay Thai Championship, whose 2021 edition was held in Guadalajara. More than 15 medals were hung by the island competitors.

After a year of hiatus due to the pandemic, the activity has resumed with this national event, to which the Canary Islands attended with a selection made up of a total of 45 athletes.

In this year 2021, the profile was of very young people and many of them new to these struggles or with less experience than those who took part in the National in previous editions.

Even so, the role of the canaries can be classified as excellent, with great and pleasant surprises and discoveries of future talents. They performed at a high level in a Spanish Kickboxing and Muay Thai Championship that brought together 450 participants in Guadalajara.

As for the Canarian competitors who got medals in were the following: Hugo Morell (silver), Edgar Añino (gold), Victor Martínez (gold), Diego Nieto (gold), Esteban Patricio (bronze), Rubén Rodríguez (silver), Nerea Mayor (bronze), Yaiza Melián (bronze), Aarón Damas (bronze), Alejandro Rodríguez (silver), Ione Rodríguez (bronze), Samuel Rodríguez (silver), Ismael Betancor (bronze), Juan de Ayoze Rodríguez (silver), Arturo Hardisson (bronze) and Joana Nadolska (gold).

The Canarian Federation, in addition, managed to place four representatives in the final gala of the event, in which the best final matches were played.

In this Sunday day, Ismael lost his fight in -71 kilograms Low Kick with Andalucía, being a silver medal. For his part, Alberto Méndez could not with the current world champion, Moha, from Navarra in -86 kilograms, to also get a fought silver.

Marco Betancourt also could not settle his match against Nayanesh, current champion in -75 kilograms in the specialty of Muay Thai, with victory. Ulises Suárez defeats Andoni Iglesias himself, champion of Spain, Europe and the world on several occasions, coming from Navarra in Low Kick -67 kilograms.


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