July 28, 2021

Canarias loses 1,167 tourists each day but earns one million euros more – La Provincia

Canarias loses 1,167 tourists each day but earns one million euros more - La Provincia

After the historical figures of 2017, year in which the Canary Islands received nearly 16 million tourists, the first industry in the regionprogressively returns to more earthly numbers. The islands lose 1,163 tourists every day compared to last year. Nevertheless,the spending of foreign visitors does continue to rise, to the point that the business enters every 24 hours about one million euros more than the figures recorded throughout 2017.

This is clear from the statistics of tourism movements in frontiers and the Tourism Expenditure Survey, published yesterday by theINE. In the first eight months of the year, just over nine million foreign citizens -exactly 9,014,208- chose the archipelago to at least spend part of their vacation. They are 3.04% less than between January and August of 2017, that is,282,739 foreign tourists less.Or what is the same: an average of 1,163 visitors less each of the 243 days elapsed between January 1 and August 31. And if you want to refine the analysis even more, it turns out thatIslands receive every hour that passes an average of about 48 foreign tourists less than every hour of last year.

If the analysis is limited exclusively toAugust data, the fall is even higher, by 5.8%. In August last year 1,165,967 visitors from beyond the national territory arrived in the Canary Islands, while this year they were 1,098,395, that is, 67,572 less. Throughout the country, foreigners who landed to enjoy the month par excellence of the holidays totaled 10,201,456, 1.89% less than in August 2017, so the decrease is milder than in the Archipelago, which, in fact, it chains five consecutive months of falls.

As soon asto the expense that tourists make, which is not necessarily consistent with the number of visitors – they can come less but spend more -, the data corresponding to the Autonomous Community reflect, however, a not insignificant growth, especially if you take into account that the figures were already in 2017 extraordinarily positive. Again between January and August of this year, foreigners who visited the region together spent an amount of 11,154.61 million euros. An amount that means an interannual increase in revenues -or cumulative spending from the tourist's perspective- of almost 286 million. So, the average indicates that they are 970,535 euros more every day.

In summary, the archipelago lost each of the days between January and August an average of 1,163 foreign visitors, but entered almost one million euros more, always according to the INE. There are, however, two points: on the one hand, that the 1,513.2 million spent by tourists only in August does imply a reduction of 0.25% in relation to August of last year; on the other, that the accumulated expenditure in the whole country grows more, 2.75%, than in the Canary Islands (2.16%).

On the other hand,the Icelandic airline Primera Air,covering the route between Copenhagen and Gran Canaria, reportedyesterday its bankrupt. Ryanair has already reported that it will try to fill the gap in the Islands.


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