June 23, 2021

Canarias launches social network on public health – La Provincia

Canarias launches social network on public health - La Provincia

The director of the Canary Islands Health Service, Conrado Domínguez, presented this Wednesday Canary Health Network, a project framed within the Commitment to improve public health in the Canary Islands to serve as a space for exchange between professionals who maintain or have maintained a link with the public sector, whether at a training or employment level and whether or not they currently reside in the Islands.

Thus, this project aims to be the first social network for health professionals in the Canary Islands conceived as a platform of knowledge in which to promote the networking and favor the exchange of experiences and concerns among all those interested in a quality public service in the archipelago, reported by press release from the regional government.

It is about providing professionals with a common space for personal and professional growth in which to share projects, experiences, research, collaborations or opportunities, detailed the same sources of Ministry of Health.

In this sense, Red Sanidad Canaria will be accessible, as well as for health workers, for all those people linked to the public sector, whether or not they currently reside in the Canary Islands, since it is a project constituted in an increasingly globalized context in which professionals move in an increasingly wider geographical area and where knowledge is increasingly dispersed, varied and multidisciplinary.

The goals of the Canary Network Health project are generating and invigorating our community of professionals; serve as a showcase for the attributes and achievements of workers through news, reports, events or interviews; organize activities and meetings inside and outside the Islands with the aim of connecting their members and sharing knowledge; offer a channel to those people in the community who have identified ideas of success in other territories and that would be applicable to the Archipelago and vice versa.

During the presentation, the doctor Julio Mayol, professor of Surgery at the Complutense University of Madrid and medical director of the San Carlos Clinical Hospital in Madrid, gave the talk Learn outside, innovate inside, as an example of what can be achieved thanks to international training and collaboration.

Solidarity basket of the Insular Mother

On the other hand, Insular Maternal and Child Hospital University Complex of Gran Canaria made another year the collection of food with the aim of helping families most in need.

The donation is the result of the food collection campaign that the Hospitalario Complex organizes with the participation of the workers and users, on the occasion of the Christmas holidays, added from the Ministry of Health.

The professionals and users of the Hospital Complex have collected for the campaign called The Solidarity Basket durable goods such as oil, milk powder, rice, vegetables, baby food, pasta, preserves or cookies, as well as new toys.

The Management of the Hospital Complex has delivered the basket to Caritas and the Evangelical Christian Church, which will be the entities responsible for distributing them among the people who need it most.


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