Canarias is the Autonomous Community with the most deaths by drowning in 2018 – La Provincia

Canarias is the Autonomous Community with the most deaths by drowning in 2018 - La Provincia

The Canary Islands is the Autonomous Community that more deaths by drowning has registered during the past year 2018, a total of 55 deaths and 14.8% of the total of drowned people in Spain.

Precisely, in the country as a whole, aquatic spaces have claimed their lives by drowning 372 people throughout 2018, 109 less than the previous year, as it has revealed the National Drowning Report (INA), prepared by the Royal Spanish Salvage and Lifeguard Association.

The determining factor of this decrease in the number of deaths due to drowning is due, according to experts, to the delay in the beginning of the use of the Spanish beaches due to the bad weather that lasted during the first months of the year, including the vacations of Easter.

Therefore, the 372 deaths recorded last year place 2018 in the year with the least number of deaths since 2015, the Royal Spanish Salvage and Lifeguard Federation began to carry out the INA before the "absence" of an official statistic in real time about the deaths in the aquatic spaces.

Thus, throughout these four years, 2017 was the one that registered the most deaths (481), followed by 2016 (437) and 2015 (415). In fact, elast year he was the only one who came down from the four hundred dead, with the 372 registered.

Canarias, the community with the most registered deaths

By autonomous communities, the report has reflected that in the Canary Islands there have been 55 deaths last year, 14.8 percent of the total, which has placed this territory ahead of Andalusia, where there have been 52 deaths, Galicia (49), Balearic Islands (42), Catalonia (41), Comunidad Valenciana (37), Castilla y León and País Vasco (14, both), Murcia (12) and Asturias (11).

With 9 deceased they finished the year Cantabria and Aragon; with 8 Castilla-La Mancha and the Community of Madrid; with 4 Navarra; with 2 Ceuta, Extremadura and La Rioja; and with 1 Melilla.

The month in the one that more deaths occurred was August (65), which, together with the 60 of July and the 52 of September, situates the summer season with 47.6 percent of those produced in the total of the year. On the other hand, the month with the lowest number of deaths was February, with 7.

The profile of the person killed by drowning in a Spanish aquatic space was that of a man (77%), of Spanish nationality (75%), over 45 years old (65.9%, although 40.1% is older) of 65), who dies on a beach (44%), or in any case in a place that lacks surveillance (83%), between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. (60.3%).


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