Canarias, inspiration for Malamente de Rosala – The Province

Canarias, inspiration for Malamente de Rosala - The Province

One of the successes of the moment has a Canarian accent. Word of the famous Rosalía. According to the singer, her song 'Badly'began to compose on the island of El Hierro and so he let it know through a youtuber that analyzed his discography in a long series of Instagram stories published on Sunday, November 25.

Malamente was created on the island of El Hierro. This song was going to be a zambra (a modality of Granada's tango), but it did not work, so I proposed Pablo (Díaz-Reixa, better known as El Guincho, musician and co-producer of the album) a rhythm that I wanted to use for a long time. From there, he took out Malamente's rhythms, "explains Rosalía, who highlights the work of the Canarian producer El Guincho.

The drum herreño sounds like base in the melody included in the album 'El Mal Querer' with which he has achieved two Grammy awards. The singer is committed to the fusion of modern and more traditional rhythms.

Rosalía sent this message to her more than one million followers on Instagram.


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