Canarias improves the position of its products in the gourmet market of Madrid – La Provincia

Canarias improves the position of its products in the gourmet market of Madrid - La Provincia

The gourmet market offers multiple business opportunities for Canarian agricultural companies, present with the support of Government of the Canary Islands in the 33rd edition of the Gourmet Hall, Food and Beverage Quality Fair, which is celebrated until Thursday in Madrid, and that serves to improve the positioning of the productions of the Archipelago of differentiated quality in this niche.

The Minister of Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries and Water of the Government of the Canary Islands, Narvay Quintero, attended today the opening of this meeting, accompanied by the Deputy Minister of Primary Sector, Abel Morales, where he explained that "the journey in these years has been very positive, every year more Canarian companies participate in this fair and we have managed to place the productions of the Islands in the foreign market, as a complement measure to the promotion actions that we have been developing in the local market, "Quintero said.

"The presence in this Hall has an unquestionable return for the Canarian agricultural companies represented, with new business opportunities and the closing of commercial agreements for the distribution of their brands in the Peninsula and other destinations in the European continent," he said. "Betting on these productions is to support our primary sector and contribute to generate economy and landscape and the maintenance of our rural environment and traditions," he added.

Canarias is present in this Hall with a stand of about 250 square meters where they are exhibited from wines, cheeses, tropical fruits, traditional sweets, jams, handmade mojos, sweet potato chips, sea salt, rum and craft beers, vinaigrettes, gins or vermouth made in the Islands, among other productions.

The Canarian Executive organizes this presence through the Ministries of Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries and Water and Economy, Trade, Industry and Knowledge, the Institute of Agri-Food Quality (ICCA), Management of the Rural Environment of the Canary Islands (GMR) and PROEXCA. During these four days more than 100,000 professional visitors are expected at the meeting, which has an exhibition area of ​​61,257 square meters, 1,998 exhibitors and 47,000 products.

The space of the Archipelago has the representation of the seven island councils and about 80 companies from all the Islands, the wine sector represented by the 11 wine regulatory councils of the Islands and the three protected designations of origin of cheese.

The objective of the participation of the Islands is to consolidate and open new channels of foreign trade, through the exhibition and tasting of local products, offering producers a space to meet with distributors of this type of products in the Peninsula and other European countries.

In addition, five Canarian productions (El Tofio Semicurado al Pimentón, Maxorata cured to Paprika, Cured Tinache, Cured Paprika Selectum and El Faro Tierno Ahumado) are listed as finalists in the 10th Championship of the Best Cheeses of Spain, whose winner, who receives the Best Cheese Award of Spain 2019, will be announced today in the framework of this event. A total of 840 cheeses, 75% handmade, participated in this edition.


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