April 14, 2021

Canarias experiences two sea sleeves in the same week – La Provincia

Canarias experiences two sea sleeves in the same week - La Provincia

The spectacular sea hose that was generated on the south coast of Tenerife not only astonished Tenerife and tourists on land, but also was the cause of diversions of several flights to the Tenerife South Reina Sofía airport. As indicated yesterday from the Twitter account of the air traffic controllers, the meteorological phenomenon was important enough due to its proximity to the aerodrome.

Specifically, this marine manga, whose origin is derived in a whirlwind that occurs over a body of water and connects with the upper cloud, interfered "in the approach to the runway for a few minutes," according to the message from air traffic controllers, in which it is assured that "several planes made slight detours" during that maneuver. "In these situations, it is essential to inform pilots and be prepared for detours," says the collective from the social network.

However, AENA sources explain that this unusual meteorological phenomenon did not have any consequences on the operations of the South Tenerife aerodrome, which, like the Airport of the North of the Island, has been operating normally during the storm installed on the Archipelago. during the last days.

That is to say, that the pilots were forced to deviate from their trajectory in approach to the runway of the airport Reina Sofía, but also ended up landing in the southern installation.

The marine hose, a phenomenon that occurs when the entrance of air forces a whirlpool of water between the sea and the clouds, is not frequent in Canary waters, although in this case yesterday was the second of the week after registering a similar near Lanzarote.


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