September 29, 2020

Canarias expands teachers’ job lists – La Provincia

The general director of Personnel of the Ministry of Education, Universities, Culture and Sports of the Government of the Canary Islands, Fidel Trujillo, has reported the expansion of the job lists of teaching staff in a total of 31 specialties Secondary Education, Professional Training (technical and technical) and Languages ​​(teachers).

This is how Trujillo transferred it to the representatives of the unions at the Sectorial Table held this Wednesday, where he pointed out that the call to request the Registration in these job lists will be made once the final allocation of destinations is published of Secondary and other bodies, which will take place next week.

In this way, people interested in participating in this procedure will have one week term for the presentation of the required documentation, according to the regional Executive in a press release.

These lists are intended to serve the regional government “have enough teaching staff” for the next academic year when a “significant increase” of the teaching staff is foreseen due to the application of the measures included in the Prevention and Organization Protocol in the Canary Islands’ educational centers before the Covid-19, which “will necessarily lead to the doubling of groups and in hiring more teachers “.

In relation to this, the Ministry recalls that in October 2019 it made a call of similar characteristics to cover the needs of teaching staff after having exhausted the current lists of certain specialties. At that time, more than 29,000 applications (in 52 specialties) and 11,000 participants were registered.

The specialties For which the lists are intended to be made up are English, French, German, philosophy, language, geography and history, mathematics, physics and chemistry, biology, drawing, music, Latin and Greek, physical education, technology, economics, training and job orientation , organization and processes of vehicle maintenance, electrotechnical and automatic systems, informatics, processes and media, processes and products in wood and furniture, organization and projects of energy systems, sanitary processes, mechanical manufacturing project office, vehicle maintenance , computer application systems, welding, and machining and maintenance of machines.


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