April 19, 2021

Canarias cover the current waiting list of dependents with 5,466 new places – La Provincia

Canarias cover the current waiting list of dependents with 5,466 new places - La Provincia

The Canary Islands will have a total of 5,466 new places for seniors and dependents, so that the waiting list currently existing in the Islands can be addressed and reaches 5,341 people. These are the data that are part of the IIPlan of Health Infrastructure, presented yesterday by the Minister of Employment, Social Policies and Housing of the Canary Islands Government, Cristina Valido, accompanied by the counselors of Social Policies of the different Island Councils, and which includes the creation of new centers of social and health care, the improvement of existing resources and the increase of those places both in residential resources and day centers for the elderly and people with disabilities.

Valido highlighted the importance of a plan that "allows us to visualize in each of the islands the portfolio of new resources, the result of work and consensus with the seven island councils during the last two years", pointing out that "it will respond to the needs of Canarian population in relation to dependent care ".


In this line, the regional councilor stressed that "this plan was absolutely necessary to serve people who need a residential or a day care plaza", in addition to improving the items in other aspects such as transport of users of the centers by day or the economic payrolls.

However, Cristina Valido was in favor of "continuing to promote the dependency law" in aspects such as "the figure of the caregiver at home or benefits" with the aim of "reducing the waiting list." That is the challenge, we can not raise construction as the only exit to the lists, since the income must be the last when a person can no longer be at home ".

Broken down by islands, a total of 2,655 new places will be created in Tenerife, of which 2,188 will be residential and 482 will be daytime. For its part, in La Gomera 185 will be created, of which 150 will correspond to the construction of a new social health center and 35 are places in the day center. El Hierro will have 147 new places, of which 113 will be residential and 34 will be for daytime stays.

In La Palma, the increase of places will be 496 places, 356 residential type and 140 day stay, and in Gran Canaria of 1,453 seats, 881 will be places in residential centers and 572 places in day center. On the other hand, Lanzarote will increase by 180 places with the construction of a new social health center in Teguise, with 130 residential stays and 50 day stays. The island of Fuerteventura will increase its number of seats by 350, of which 250 are residential and 100 day centers.


Cristina Valido put in value "the work that those responsible for social services perform every day". He praised the work that had been done during the last two years in the promotion of this II Infrastructure Plan in collaboration with the island councils, "with which we are responding to the needs of the Canarian population in relation to social services, attention to the dependence and promotion of personal autonomy, something that is of vital importance if we take into account the population pyramid and the aging of our population, "said Valido, something that connects with the Canary Strategy of Active Aging, which is set as objectives make visible the centers as an alternative, prevent future situations of dependency and support in the processes of loss or loneliness, as well as in situations of vulnerability.

To the financial effort of the plan, the budget is added to guarantee the multi-year financing of the agreements signed with the councils for dependency care. Last year a multi-year expenditure (2018-2021) was approved, for 448,344,420 euros, to guarantee financial stability both for the hiring of personnel and for the services and resources included.


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