Canarias allocates 450,000 euros to boost the Commercial Zones Open – The Province

Canarias allocates 450,000 euros to boost the Commercial Zones Open - The Province

TheMinistry of Economy, Industry, Commerce and Knowledge of the Canary Islands Governmenthas granted 450,000 euros to 34 associations and business organizations of the Canary Islands for the revitalization ofOpen Commercial Areas, as published byOfficial Bulletin of the Canary Islands (BOC).

In a press release, theRegional executiveHe explained that this action supposes a support for the retail trade, which is the subsector that provides the greatest added economic value to the islands and that, in addition, has an employment rate, with respect to the total, which is around 20%.

In addition, retail is one of the economic sectors with greater projection, since retail sales have grown above the average inSpainand thesector in The IslandsIt was placed at the head of the State in growth of jobs.

At present,Canary Islandshas 62 potentialsOpen Commercial Areasin all the Islands, spaces where some 7,500 stores and more than 2,500 restaurants and leisure establishments are located.

According to the data published by the Canary Islands Statistics Institute this week, trade in the Islands counted altogether, in the third quarter of this year, with 142,189 Social Security affiliates, of which 114,465 are salaried employees and 27,704 correspond to autonomous jobs.

Some 34 organizations benefited

For their part, the 34 organizations that will benefit from these grants from the Government of the Canary Islands are management bodies of theOpen Commercial Areas, with its own legal personality, which have among its associates a relevant part of the small and medium commercial companies in the area of ​​activity.

Only two of the applications submitted were dismissed for submitting incomplete documentation and for responding to the late request for information request.

TheGeneral Directorate of Commerce and Consumption, directed by Angeles Palmero, also has another line of support for consumer organizations and users, as it is another of the fundamental axes for the commercial activity of Las Islas.

The Government of the Canary Islands also wants to make use of the new brand of the Commercial Zones Open. The moment is now considered opportune to implant the brand, after a period of urban investments, with more than 72 million destined, through the Programs for the promotion of the Open Commercial Zones that has been developing from 2002 to the financial year 2015 , with actions of the Government of the Canary Islands that have been fully coordinated with the Island Councils of the Canary Islands.

As of 2016, these urban investments are channeled through theFDCAN, in whichIsland CouncilsThey have proposed investments for Open Commercial Areas for an amount higher than 87 Million Euros.

Theglobal project of the Government of the Canary Islandsin order to promote the ZCAs, it pursues the revitalization of traditional commerce and space where they are located through a strategy that allows differentiating and enhancing the advantages of this type of trade.


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