February 26, 2021

Canarias allocates 4.2 million of the 2019 financial year to aid for social projects – La Provincia

The Ministry of Employment, Social Policies and Housing published last Tuesday in the BOC the bases that regulate the regime of granting subsidies for the implementation of projects in the areas of older people, immigration, volunteering and social inclusion for the year 2019 , for a total amount of 4,225,000 euros. Interested parties have until July 23 to apply for them through the electronic headquarters.

The call includes four lines of aid, with an item that amounts to 2,555,000 euros for financing Social Institutional Action projects for Social Integration and another 1,550,000 euros to finance the implementation of Social Inclusion projects for the elderly.

For its part, the Immigration Service Services line has an aid of 50,000 euros and the Promotion of Volunteering, another of 100,000 euros. Within the line of Social Institutional Action for Social Integration, attention will be paid to vulnerable people, guaranteeing coverage of basic needs, in the fight against social exclusion; the actions aimed at maintaining, expanding and facilitating access to the network of basic social care centers, among others.


In the field of the elderly, programs that promote equality and dignity will be carried out, advancing in the commitment to guarantee the good treatment of the elderly and combat the discrimination of this group; welfare and promotion; participation, promotion of associations and the development of home care itineraries for the elderly. In the area of ​​immigration, programs or projects are included that promote the socio-labor and personal integration of the immigrant population with support for housing and first-time housing resources; programs of access, maintenance and promotion of employment and actions with immigrant women.

And, finally, in terms of volunteering, actions will be subsidized awareness, promotion and support for citizen participation through volunteering through the associative fabric, among others.


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