Fri. Jul 19th, 2019

Canarian talent defends its school - The Province

Canarian talent defends its school - The Province

The Civic Platform for 5% of GDP for Education has presented this morning the campaign for the defense and dignification of public education under the motto 'Bet for the Public', aimed at dignifying public education and mobilizing society around its improvement, through the periodic issuance of social networks of spots with testimonies of people of recognized prestige who defend public education

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The campaign, presented by Fernando Redondo, Bernardino Ruiz Y Carlos Quesada, members of the aforementioned Platform, will consist in the periodic publication of a series of one-minute video-spots, whose central content will be the testimonies of people from the islands with recognized academic and professional prestige who have been trained in the public school and who continue to bet on her, entrusting her with the education of her sons and daughters.

Each announcement will provide data or reflections on the situation of the Education in the Canary Islands, Spain and Europe. With the aim of demonstrating that while in Europe public education is absolutely majority and guarantor of equal opportunities and social cohesion, in our community, the management of Government of the Canary Islands In this last legislature, in breach of the financial commitments of the Canarian Law of Education, it keeps the public school in precarious conditions, facilitating the growth of the private one.

This campaign, in addition, aims to involve the whole of the citizenship, spreading these videos and messages on social networks. "Starting from the idea that the established powers do not bet on the public school, we will encourage the mobilization of society to defend and dignify it," said the promoters of this campaign, which already has around thirty testimonies, and is open to continue adding.

The initiative, whose objective is to take a video every week, starts with two testimonies, that of David Rapisarda Arencibia, doctor in Physical Sciences and scientific head of CIEMT in Madrid; and Julia Botanz Guimerá, known as Ida Susal, singer-songwriter and designer. Both studied in the public school and defend their values ​​and quality.

"We must reorient educational policies to enhance public education as a pillar of our social cohesion, improving all its benefits in quality and quantity, the school of all and for all must be a prestigious service that we can be proud of. involvement of the whole society: teachers, families, media, unions and political parties, "said members of the Civic Platform that claims compliance with the Canarian Law on Education.


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