Canarian sailor Joel Rodríguez will be at the Tokyo Olympics

Canarian sailor Joel Rodríguez will be at the Tokyo Olympics

Canarian sailor Joel Rodríguez will be at the Tokyo Olympics

The Technical Committee of Olympic Classes of the Royal Spanish Sailing Federation, after the confirmation of the Catalan Cristina Pujol as representative of the Radial Laser class at the Olympic Games. Tokyo, announced to the Canary Joel Rodríguez as representative of the Standard Laser class.

With these last two designations, which must now be officially ratified by the Spanish Olympic Committee, Spain already has nine classified classes and fourteen representatives in the Games.

The 23-year-old Canarian Joel Rodríguez achieved the place for Spain in the Standard Laser class by finishing the test in ninth overall position in the Olympic Qualification regatta held last week in Vilamoura (Portugal).

His performance, added to the results achieved over the last few seasons, has been key when the RFEV Olympic Sailing Technical Committee made the decision to award him the individual place for Tokyo.

In the Radial Laser class, Spain already had a place by country for Tokyo and Cristina Pujol, 27, achieved the individual place for being the best Spanish classified in Vilamoura, as established by the RFEV regulations.

Spain now has nine out of ten confirmed Olympic classes, only Japan (as host) and Great Britain have all ten. Spain is the third country, tied with the United States and France, with nine. Now the objective of the Spanish team is the classification by country of the Finn class, the only one who has not yet achieved it.

The Menorcan Joan Cardona, the Catalan Álex Muscat and the Cádiz-born Pablo Guitián, fight to achieve this place in the World Championship of the class that will be held from May 8 to 12 in Porto (Portugal) .The representatives of the Spanish Olympic sailing in The Male Category RS Class: X (Tables): Ángel Granda Standard Laser Class: Joel Rodríguez 470 Class: Jordi Xammar / Nicolás Rodríguez 49er Class: Diego Botín / Iago López Marra Female Category RS Class: X: Blanca Manchón Radial Laser Class: Cristina Pujol Class 470: Silvia Mas / Patricia CanteroClass 49er.FX: Támara Echegoyen / Paula Barceló Mixed CategoryNacra17: Tara Pacheco / Florian Trittel.


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