Canarian retirees surround the Congress together with protesters who demand decent pensions - La Provincia

Alejandro Alonso, from Gran Canaria, and Mari Vilamin, from Tenerife, are an example of those retired Canaries who have decided to move to Madrid to attend theNational manifestation of pensioners that claims public pensions"worthy, fair and sufficient".

The Canarian delegation is this morning in front of theCongress of Deputiestogether with the thousands of pensioners who have moved from all over Spain todemand the new government with its own voiceto leave the nextelectionsthat revalue the pensions with the real CPI by law and raise the minimum pension to 1,080 euros.

Protest,headed by a dozen pensioners in a wheelchair and on crutches, it has started from the Puerta del Sol and in front of it there is a large banner that reads "Govern who governs public pensions defend themselves."

The spokesman for the state coordinator for the public pension system, Tiano Sandoval, explained to the media that upon their arrival at Congress they will register a document of claims to defend "decent, fair and sufficient" public pensions.

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