Canarian pharmacists remember that enjoying and taking care of yourself in summer are compatible

Loreto Gómez and Manuel Ángel Galván, presidents of the COF of Las Palmas and Tenerife, respectively.

Loreto Gómez and Manuel Ángel Galván, presidents of the COF of Las Palmas and Tenerife, respectively.

The Canary Islands Pharmacy Colleges today presented the ninth edition of the campaign Summer and Health, where they remind the population that taking care of themselves and enjoying themselves are not only not antagonistic terms but that they are united. With the motto Take care of your life and keep enjoying, health workers remind that COVID-19 is not the only danger that will be faced this summer, in which relaxation of sanitary measures can lead to oversights with serious health consequences.

The president of the Council of Colleges of Pharmacists of the Canary Islands and from COF of Las Palmas, Loreto Gómez Guedes, the president of the COF of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Manuel Ángel Galván González, and the board member of the Las Palmas school, Silvia Lara Afonso Trujillo, were responsible for presenting the campaign, in which there are no shortage of measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

“In a world where enjoying life seems linked to excesses, the pharmacists of the Canary Islands want to remember that taking care of ourselves is what really allows us to enjoy life more and better,” said Gómez Guedes.

He stressed that “the pandemic has taken many things from us, but it has taught us that health is the greatest of our possessions. Each peak of this pandemic reminds us that we could have enjoyed life more and better if we had taken care of ourselves. ”

For his part, Manuel Ángel Galván stated that in this year’s campaign “the Council has the COVI-19 in mind, but we also want to remember that we cannot lower our guard or with the consequences of the sun on the skin and eyes, or the need to hydrate or have sanitary resources to protect themselves from insect and jellyfish stings ”.

The president of the colleges of the province of Santa Cruz de Tenerife considered that “the desire to share with friends, go out and enjoy what we have lost does not justify us being careless when it comes to enjoying the holidays, because the consequences can be very serious. The dangers do not lose their validity due to being in a pandemic, rather the opposite ”.

Skin, eyes, hygiene and distance

It was Silvia Afonso, spokesperson for Las Palmas COF Food, who was in charge of explaining the content of the campaign, highlighting the need to continue wearing a mask, take care of hand hygiene and maintain a safe distance.

“As for the specificity of the summer,” he explained, “in the social networks of the pharmaceutical schools of both provinces, a series of infographics will be published to remember the key messages in photoprotection, avoid eye damage, bites, and monitor hydration and nutrition, and can also be consulted on the websites of both institutions ”.

“With or without COVID,” he said, “solar radiation can become an enemy if measures are not taken, just as heat can seriously affect hydration and a poor diet, cause health problems.”

Afonso pointed out that the campaign will consist of four key dates distributed throughout the summer stage: “July 16, July 30, August 6 and 13 of this month”, and all these phases aim to “remind citizens that it is important to be careful all year round, but especially during our vacations, which is the time when we are exposed the longest.


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