Canarian humor loses its legend of La Isleta

Canarian humor loses its legend of La Isleta

Manolo Vieira, at the door of his favorite stage: El Chistera. / Arcadio Suarez

Manolo Vieira, a benchmark for humor on the islands and father of characters like Alexis and Carmelito, dies at the age of 73 in Gran Canaria

Alexisthat dog-killing boy but with a good heart, and
Carmelite, who comb gray hair loaded with mockery, cry inconsolably over the death of the one who turned them with his ingenuity into part of the funniest collective memory of the Canary archipelago. And it is that the laughs have given way to l
Widespread lament after the death, at the age of 73, of the humorist from Gran Canaria Manuel Domingo Vieira Montesdeoca, Manolo Viera for all.

The artist from La Isleta, a neighborhood that he always carried in his heart and that inspired to a great extent a good part of the stories and characters that elevated him to the category of humor myth, became for decades a
referent for the new generations of comedians.

Manolo Vieira was an advance player who struck down complexes. With the insular accent and vocabulary as his flag, he conquered the
nearest public and to the peninsular, who surrendered at his feet on the various tours he starred in throughout his career. Without going any further, the artist managed to spend 18 months of the season in such an emblematic place in Madrid as the
Florida Park in 1986, as the humorist's website recalls.

Canarias mourns the death of Manolo Vieira

Manolo Vieira was currently in full farewell to the stage with the show
'The last one and we leave'. The tour started at the end of 2022 at his longtime venue, El Chistera, which reopened its doors after the pandemic, and planned to tour a large part of the archipelago's geography until next spring.

Last Friday he had to
suspend a scheduled performance in the wrestling ground in the Lanzarote town of Tías, since he felt unwell at the Gran Canaria airport before flying. He was admitted and although shortly after he was discharged, in the last few hours his state of health returned to
deteriorate until his death, on the night of this Wednesday.

About the scenarios
Manolo Vieira easily put the public in his pocket. The close stories of him, from the street, with a white and ironic humor and with anecdotes sometimes from a near past that managed to explain the present of many generations, he managed to carve out a unique career on the islands. He also became in recent years a
luxury guest in a large part of Canarian homes during Christmas.

Christmas specials

Every New Year's Eve, Televisión Canaria broadcast a
special program with one of his performances from that same year that summoned thousands of islanders before the small screen as an endearing prelude to drink the grapes with the relevant chimes.

Before, he had already starred in the humorous and family series
'The Unruly'whose two seasons were broadcast in 2010 and 2012, respectively, also on Televisión Canaria and brought the program to life with great success
'Tonight I pay'.

One of his last screen appearances is pending release. This is the second feature film by Armando Ravelo from Gran Canaria, titled
'Once upon a time in the Canary Islands'. In this fiction, the protagonist, a young African named Nola, learned to speak Spanish in her hometown while she watched performances by Manolo Vieira on YouTube. Several scenes of the film were even shot in the
top hatwith the intervention of the humorist from La Isleta, father of three daughters.

Music was also one of his passions, as was reflected in his bolero album 'Autores y amores', which he published in 2004. The records and old cassettes of such popular comedy shows as
'The last one out turn off the light', 'Get out of there', 'Laughter', 'Today is not Monday' y '
Manolo Vieira is written with b girl', among others, are a classic that delighted its fans for years. The same ones who have been orphaned since last night due to the departure of this genius of humor,
Gold Medal of the Canary Islands in 2002the same day that the Cabildo de Gran Canaria announced the granting of the title of
Favorite Son of Gran Canaria.