Fri. Apr 3rd, 2020

Canarian domain in the Liga Espaola de Vela – La Provincia

The first edition of the Spanish Sailing League – Lotteries and Betting Trophy of the State ended today in Palma de Mallorca, which was done with mastery of the two participating crews attached to the Canarian Sailing Federation representing the Royal Yacht Club of Arrecife and Real Nautical Club of Gran Canaria.

The Lanzarote team patronized by Leonardo Armas Lasso after dominating the appointment from the first day last December in Bayonne, ended up conquering the Spanish Sailing League with the crew that completed: Ricardo Terrades, Cristian Sánchez, Fátima Diz and Pedro de León; Tomás Fuentes and Gonzalo Morales had also participated in the Galician phase.

The title for the Canarian sailing was not enough, the team of the Real Club Náutico de Gran Canaria patronized by Onán Barreiros and formed by Luis Miguel Hernández Tirado, Guiomar Bonilla Paz, María Caba and Alejandro Cantero, achieved the runner-up after snatching the RCN La Coruña the second place he had since the beginning of the competition and finally finished third.

Final Classification:
1º 82,86 p – Real Club Náutico de Arrecife
2nd 89.61 p – Real Club Náutico de Gran Canaria
3rd 118.44 p – Real Club Náutico de La Coruña
4th 123,13 p – El Arenal Yacht Club
5th 124.75 p – El Balís Yacht Club
6th 126.25 p – Real Club Náutico de Palma

They did not participate in the final of the Medal Race by not qualifying among the first 6

7th 112 p – Monte Real Bayonne Yacht Club
8th 113.63 p – Campelló Yacht Club
9º 135.6 p – Real Maritime Club of Abra
10th 137.2 p –Real Nautical Club of Calpe.


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