April 20, 2021

Canadian who died on cruise ship to Brazil dies of coronavirus

A 79-year-old Canadian citizen infected with COVID-19 and who had been isolated two weeks ago in a hospital after arriving in the Brazilian city of Recife on a cruise ship and testing positive for the virus, died Thursday in a hospital, confirmed to Efe the Regional Secretariat of Health.

The foreigner arrived in the capital of the state of Pernambuco (northeast) on March 12 aboard a cruise ship and that same day, after disembarking for tourism in Recife, the Canadian was admitted with symptoms compatible with the coronavirus and all other passengers were forced to return to the boat and maintain quarantine.

Abroad, there are three deaths from coronavirus in the state of Pernambuco, where 46 cases have been confirmed.

In Brazil, the patients infected with COVID-19 exceed 2,400 and the death toll from the disease now totals 57.

According to regional health authorities, the Canadian, who was a former smoker and had a heart problem, was intubated and taken to an Intensive Treatment Unit (ICU) in a hospital.

During the two weeks that he remained hospitalized, the foreigner was maintained with mechanical ventilation and hemodialysis, and, according to a statement released by the entity, used medications indicated to treat the flu in people with severe acute respiratory syndrome.

The Canadian citizen arrived with his wife on March 12 in the city of Recife on a Bahamian flag cruise that had passed through Chile, Argentina, Uruguay and the Brazilian ports of Itajaí, Rio de Janeiro and Salvador.

The equally Canadian foreign spouse was also confirmed with coronavirus days later and was hospitalized along with her husband.

Like most of the passengers that same day, the Canadian disembarked to visit the city but he felt ill health, sought medical attention and was immediately isolated for having the symptoms of the coronavirus.

As a result of the events, the Recife health authorities isolated the boat with 609 people on board, between passengers and crew.

After confirming that the 342 passengers who remained on the cruise ship were not infected with the disease, the Government authorized their evacuation, which was carried out gradually over the next three days, since the company had to charter different aircraft to Silversea Cruises to transfer travelers to their respective countries.

All the passengers underwent medical examinations before their evacuation since their departure was conditioned on their not having symptoms of COVID-19.

A first contingent, with 205 people, was evacuated in two aircraft destined for London and Sydney, since most of them were European tourists, mainly English, and Australians and New Zealanders.

180 passengers were evacuated on the plane that traveled to the English capital, including 109 British, eleven French, nine Swiss, eight Germans, six Irish, four Luxembourgers, three Spanish, three Italians, two Austrians, two Poles and one Romanian.

On the second day, the evacuation shift was for Latin American passengers, including five Mexicans, four Brazilians and two Uruguayans, as well as Canadians.

The last shift, which was last Sunday, corresponded to 105 American tourists.

The 267 members of the Silver Shadow crew, mostly Filipinos, remained in quarantine for 14 days inside the ship docked in Recife.

After completing the quarantine, the boat was authorized to set sail this Thursday and will leave for Cape Verde.


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