May 15, 2021

Canadian company apologizes for pornographic image of Greta Thunberg

A Canadian energy company has apologized for manipulating an erotic image drawn by an Argentine artist to attack the Swedish environmental activist Greta Thunberg who has criticized the Canadian energy sector in the past.

The X-Site Energy company said in a statement that “we admit that it is not enough to apologize for the image associated with our logo on stickers that circulated last week. This does not reflect the values ​​of this company or those of our employees and we deeply regret the pain that may have caused. “

The original image of the Argentine artist Germán Canalla shows a pair of hands holding the braids of a woman from her bare back. The manipulated image includes the name “Greta” and the X-Site Energy logo and was distributed as stickers to adorn vehicles.

The existence of the sticker was initially denounced by a Canadian woman, Michelle Narang, who placed on her Facebook page in which she described how it was being distributed by an employee of X-Site Energy, a service company in the province’s energy sector from Alberta.

Narang, who has two teenage daughters and recognized himself as a supporter of the Canadian energy sector, told the country’s media that the manipulated image gave the impression of representing a violation and reminded that Greta is a minor teenager.

“It hurt me in so many ways,” Narang said he denounced the sticker to the Canadian Mounted Police when he considered it to be an image of child pornography.

The Mounted Police concluded that although the sticker is in bad taste it does not have the necessary elements to consider it child pornography.

After Narang denounced the X-Site Energy sticker on Facebook, Canadian politicians condemned the image and criticized the company that initially said it had not produced it.

Greta Thunberg also echoed on his Twitter account where he posted that “they are starting to be more and more desperate. This shows that we are winning.”

But after the controversy, X-Site Energy published its apology in which it also pointed out that “the management team fully accepts responsibility and, immediately, has made organizational changes that reflect it.”

However, it is not the first time that X-Site Energy has sexually assaulted the Swedish activist.

In early February, the Canadian company said on Instagram that it had named its high efficiency heater as “El Greta”.

Nor is it the first time Thunberg is attacked in the province of Alberta, the heart of Canada’s oil sector.

In October of last year, a mural of the activist painted in the city of Edmonton, the capital of Alberta, was destroyed with messages in favor of the oil industry days after the teenager led a march against the climate crisis.

The mural had been painted days before by a local artist, AJA Louden, on a street near the parliament of the province of Alberta.

The person who destroyed the mural, a young man identified as James Bagnell, defended his actions and said his father has worked in the oil industry.

“We don’t need foreigners to come and tell us what we have to do, how we support our families,” he told local media.


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