Canadian bank denies having access to private Facebook messages

Canadian bank denies having access to private Facebook messages

The Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) denied today that it has had access to private messages sent by Facebook users, as indicated in an article published by the American newspaper The New York Times.

In a statement, RBC said that "the use of the Facebook platform was limited to the development of a service that allowed customers to facilitate payments to their friends on Facebook."

"We did not have the ability to see the users' messages," the bank added, "we canceled the service in 2015 and our limited access, which was strictly used to allow payments to our customers, ended at that time."

The New York Times noted that Facebook had provided access to some 150 companies to user data on the social network such as friends lists and even private messages without the consent of Internet users.

The newspaper had access to hundreds of internal documents from Mark Zuckerberg's company that reveal how he shared the data without the users' permission and thus generated his business model through advertising.

One of the companies indicated by the newspaper is RBC, one of the largest banks in Canada.

According to The New York Times, Facebook provided companies such as Netflix or Spotify to read the private messages of their users.

The social network also gave Amazon access to the users' names and contact information and Yahoo allowed her to view publications of friendships.


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