Canada unveils Hitler's plans to perpetrate a Holocaust in North America

Canada unveils Hitler's plans to perpetrate a Holocaust in North America

The National Archives of Canada have presented this week its acquisition of a book owned by Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler that collected a detailed census of Jews in North America, fundamental pillar to execute a genocide there in the event that it ever managed to invade the territory.

The 137-page book, acquired last year by the Archives and titled "Statistics, Media and Jewish Organizations in the United States" and written in 1944 by the German linguist Heinz Kloss, it is considered as the master plan of the Nazis to execute a "cleansing" of Jews, particularly in the United States, reports Ep.

Kloss, who visited the country between 1936 and 1937, used population data from the 1930s to create a census of the Jewish population in the country, as well as information on Jewish organizations and newspapers.

Michael Kent, responsible for the Jacob M. Lowy collection, which preserves the book, considers that the report had "a prominent role" in executing in North America a hypothetical extermination in the event that the Third Reich ended up invading the United States and Canada.

In its pages, the book includes a detailed analysis not only of cities with large Jewish populations such as Toronto and Winnipeg, Manitoba, but also of small urban areas.

Professor Rebecca Margolis, of the University of Ottawa, said in a statement that the report offers a "documented confirmation of the fears" felt by Canadian Jews during World War II: that the Nazis tried to invade North America.

The Holocaust Education Trust expressed surprise at the finding. "This story highlights Hitler's obsessive anti-Semitism and the chilling Nazi ambition to murder Jewish people anywhere in the world," a representative of the organization told CNN. "It reminds us of the need to remain vigilant against anti-Semitism, defend the historical truth and educate the next generations," he added.


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