January 27, 2021

Cañada Real, there is no right

It is right in the geographical center of the Peninsula but it seems like a no man’s land: the electricity company Naturgy says that the culprits of the lack of light in the Cañada Real They are marijuana plantations, the Community of Madrid points to the Government Delegation for not acting against drugs, the Government says that it is not its competence. Why have 800 families been without electricity for almost four months and have had a snowstorm without supplies?

In the midst of the difficulties caused by the storm Filomena, Carne Cruda visits one of the affected sectors of a neighborhood that is also the largest illegal settlement in Spain and Europe.

We spoke with Cristina Pozas placeholder image, neighbor of sector 5 and president of the Association of Neighbors and Neighbors Alshorok, with Jabier Rubio, activist and lawyer from the Centro de Asesoría y Estudios Sociales, with the mayor of the bordering municipality, Rivas, Pedro del Cura, with the High Commissioner against child poverty and Beatriz Aragón, a doctor who has been working in the area for years.

In addition, we visit families who spend these days down to -10 degrees without light and who were isolated by the snowfall in Madrid.

The reflections of Santiago Alba Rico in Sailing Directions.

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