Canada opposes Trump's plans to militarize the border by COVID-19

The Canadian government is trying to convince the United States not to militarize the border between the two countries in response to the spread of COVID-19, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau revealed Thursday.

According to Canadian media, the White House is considering sending thousands of soldiers from areas near the Canadian border with the aim of preventing illegal crossings during the crisis caused by the spread of COVID-19.

Today, during his daily press conference, Trudeau confirmed the intentions of the President Donald Trump Administration and Canada's reluctance to the measure.

"Canada and the United States have the longest unmilitarized border in the world and it is in the interest of both countries that it remain this way. We have been in talks with the US on this," Trudeau answered succinctly to journalists' questions. .

After requesting clarification on the talks between the two countries, Trudeau added that Canada has "underlined that the fact that the border is the longest without militarizing has benefited the two countries and their economies" and that they believe that "it must remain this form".

The possible dispatch of troops to the Canadian border has caused surprise and reluctance in Ottawa since since Trump's arrival at the White House, the direction of the main flow of people who cross the border irregularly is from the United States to Canada.

In addition, on March 20, Canada and the United States agreed to return people who cross the border irregularly to request asylum, a measure criticized by human rights organizations.

According to the Canadian television network Global News, the plans of the White House are to place troops at a distance of about 30 kilometers from the border posts between the United States and Canada.

The troops would use sensors and other technologies to detect individuals who cross the border irregularly but would not have the authority to stop the alleged violators, since in the United States the law prohibits the military from acting as police forces.


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