Canada does not invite the US to a meeting on the reform of the WTO

Canada does not invite the US to a meeting on the reform of the WTO

The Canadian Government announced today that on October 24 and 25 it will hold a meeting with twelve countries of the World Trade Organization (WTO), including neither the US nor China, to discuss the reform of the international organization before the XXI century.

Canada said in a statement that the agency, which is fundamental to guarantee freedom of trade around the world, is facing "unprecedented challenges".

The United States and China have not been invited to the meeting.

Washington has been paralyzing the functioning of the WTO by blocking the appointment of new judges of the body's dispute resolution mechanism.

Canada has not yet announced the list of the twelve countries that will attend the meeting.

Canada's Minister of International Trade, Jim Carr, justified Washington's absence at the meeting by noting that Ottawa wants to begin discussions with countries that have the same approach to WTO reform.

"The Ottawa ministerial meeting on WTO reform is a meeting of trade ministers who think in a similar way to find creative and tangible ideas on the challenges facing the WTO and to demonstrate that reform is not only possible but necessary, "explained Carr.

Canada is one of the founding members of the WTO, an organization created in 1995 and of which 164 countries now form part.


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