February 26, 2021

Canada considers the ultra Proud Boys group terrorist, whose members Trump asked to be “prepared”

Canada has included this Wednesday the US ultra-right group ‘Proud Boys’ on your list of terrorist groups along with twelve other entities, both far-right and radical Islam associated with Al Qaeda and the Islamic State (IS). In this way, Canada has become the first country in the world to consider the Proud Boys as a terrorist organization.

All the times Trump emboldened the violent far right with his words

All the times Trump emboldened the violent far right with his words

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The decision assumes that financial institutions can freeze the assets of these groups, and that the security forces can impute those who provide them financial or material aid.

“Violent acts of terrorism have no place in Canadian society or abroad. Today’s additions to the list of terrorist entities are an important step in our efforts to combat all forms of violent extremism,” said the Minister of Security. Public Bill Blair, when making the announcement. “No matter the ideological motivation, all these groups promote hatred, intolerance and, as we have seen, they can be very dangerous,” he added.

The decision to consider the Proud Boys a terrorist group comes after the Canadian Parliament unanimously passed a resolution by the Social Democratic New Democratic Party (NPD) to ban their activities in Canada. The group has a branch in the country and members among the Canadian armed forces.

Trump asked them to be “prepared”

During the presidential debate last September, the moderator challenged the then president of the United States, Donald Trump, to condemn white supremacism and the violent actions that the ultras groups had committed. “Who do you want me to convict?” Trump said, to which Biden responded, “The Proud Boys.”

At the time, the Republican urged the far-right group to “back off and be prepared,” although he quickly poured out his criticism on Antifa and the far left.

The possible involvement of Proud Boys in the assault on the Capitol last January that ended with five deaths and the temporary suspension of activity in both legislative chambers is being studied.

Neo-Nazis, racists and white extremists

The group defines himself as “A pro-Western fraternity of men who refuse to apologize for creating the modern world, also known as Western chauvinists.” Women are not allowed and they do not consider themselves racist or homophobic: “It is a multiracial group made up of heteros, some homosexuals, many Jews … The only requirement is that you are an uncle, born uncle, and that you accept that the West is the best” .

Its founder, Gavin McInnes, has tried to keep his group away from the so-called alt-right (“alternative extreme right”), but their postulates are very similar. In fact, the FBI classified the organization in 2018 as an “extremist group with ties to white extremism”. One of its members, Jason Kessler, was one of the organizers of the supremacist march ‘unite the right’ held in Charlottesville in 2017 and which ended with one person dead and several injuries after an attack by an ultra against a group of counter-protesters.

The Trump administration’s criticism of the restrictive measures imposed in several states to slow the spread of the coronavirus brought the president’s argument closer to violent far-right groups. “These are very good people”He went on to say of the armed assailants who took, among others, the Parliament of Michigan.


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