Can you adopt a dog during the alarm state?

"It is not a time for receiving animals, much less adoptions" . This is how blunt the majority of the protectors of our country are. But unfortunately there are some who claim that they have delivered all their dogs in indefinite foster care. Images of its empty facilities have raised criticism for the risk of mass abandonment, even before the quarantine ends. "It is not solidarity, it is pure egoism" they point out from the Cañada Project.

The protector Siempre Fiel de Salamanca has indicated that since Wednesday, in full alarm, his shelter is completely empty, since all the animals, of which he does not give figures, have been given in definitive reception, the majority with a view to passing for adoption. As one of its representatives has stated to LA RAZÓN: "Not all the shelters were processed in the state of alarm, they were processed from before."

Meanwhile, most of the animal shelters are still crowded and protocols have been established among the volunteers to tend to the dogs. “The workers and volunteers continue to go, fewer volunteers go but by their own decision, all have their proof of the protector and so far there has been no problem. The measures recommended by the Government are taken: continuous handwashing (which was logically done before) and not being in direct contact with each other or in the same room / room ”, they point out from the La Camada hostel in Guadalajara.

From the Refuge, in Madrid, where adoptions or foster care have also been paralyzed, in addition to continuing to care for all their animals, they have started a campaign to collect dogs or cats from those infected with coronavirus that they request it for not being able to attend them.

One of the most active associations in Madrid in the Cañada Real area, Proyecto Cañada, which is overwhelmed with attention to the dogs rescued by the evictions, has communicated sharply on social media that no dog from your association "will be sheltered during quarantine" In statements to LA RAZÓN, they point out that due to the state of alarm they are receiving numerous requests for shelter but they are clear: "Welcoming an animal is a very serious issue, in which, above all, the well-being (physical and mental) of the animal. We consider that giving a dog now in foster care, so that people have an excuse to go outside, is irresponsible ”.

Also from the Reborn association, in Barcelona, ​​where the team of the dog trainer and educator Jonatan Zafra mainly cares for qualified dogs of the PPP breed, they continue with their usual dogs without giving any outlet for adoption. "Now what we do is that Jonatan takes care of them, so if it is infected or something, we can go to another to relieve it."

The dissemination on social networks of the empty cheniles (cages) in the Salamanca hostel Siempre Fiel has been the turning point. As they point out, the obligatory follow-ups that must always be made of the animals that are given in foster care or adoption, do the same as before declaring the state of alarm: “We do them as usual, in an audiovisual way. Now face-to-face would only be in case you need to go to the vet ”, qualify.

Being confined at home can be considered a good time to incorporate a dog into the family. "There will be people who do it in good faith, thinking that now they can spend time with the animal when they are at home. These people have to understand that the time is not rightFirstly, because moving a dog requires risk and we are putting ourselves, our health, at risk, and we risk a fine. Second, because what matters most to us is the welfare of the animal. And we are not going to play with them, taking advantage of the situation to empty the residences and then have to return, with the trauma that this means for them, ”they indicate from Proyecto Cañada.

What some protectors do like the litter is to continue with the telephone interviews of interested people. "In adoptions we continue to serve people but obviously only by phone so as not to expose ourselves and expose anyone, so a list of those interested in adopting is being made and when everything happens in COVID-19 they will be quoted."

Dogs from the Security Forces who are already retired are also waiting for everything to pass so that their adoption processes can begin. Since Adopt K-9, the main organization in charge of processing these processes, point out that "many people want to adopt, but everything is paralyzed. On the 25th they came for one, but until all this happens, it has been canceled. We have several families waiting for us to make the pre-adoptive visit, but now it is impossible, "they clarify.


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