June 2, 2020

Can Yaman, now on Telecinco

It was already thought that the sculptural and toned body of Can Yaman will no longer be seen on screen but, news … Go back to Spanish TV! After the cancellation of 'Erkenci Kus' they are already less because we can continue enjoying their main actor, that is in another role.

A new Turkish soap opera under the name of 'Dolunay' leave the viewer hooked from four in the afternoon in Divinity. There is an official release date and it is September 16 … What do you win! To be able to see Can Yaman fall in love again and live his soap operas. This new series is about a romantic comedy that has already been a success in 24 passes and in Spain also has all the ballots to succeed.

What will we see in 'Dolunay'? This was the soap opera with which Can Yaman rose to fame in 2017, long before playing Can in 'Erkenci Kus'. The Turkish actor plays an eccentric businessman who hires a chef to cook at home. And what do you think happens between them? Well yes, they fall in love. Until ah you can read.

You will not be seen as in 'Erkenci Kus' because Can Yaman be very different in 'Dolunay' … What intrigue! However, many viewers with admiring its beauty will suffice. But come on, surely the story engages because Turkish actors, lately, manage to arouse passions and admiration among viewers.

'Dolunay' premieres simultaneously on Telecinco and Divinity. The first string issue a special delivery of 'Slvame' so that its viewers do not miss the first episode of this Turkish soap opera that promises to petarlo.


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