June 15, 2021

Can the iPhone do all this? How to turn it into a ‘Swiss army knife’ | Technology

It accompanies millions of users everywhere and has become, beyond the iconic halo with which Apple impregnates all its products, in a Swiss knife with which we can perform many more functions than expected. Are you getting all the juice to your iPhone? We have compiled a series of tricks that the average user of the Apple mobile may not know and that can trigger its potential for use.

So you can avoid having to write texts that we repeat a lot

The ID number, our email, the mobile number, the home address … there are many texts that we are forced to repeat again and again and the best thing is that it is a time that we could save. How? Using keyboard shortcuts. It is worth spending a few minutes to write these repetitive texts one last time and invoke them using a sequence of characters; To do this, just go to Settings / General / Keyboard and in this section visit Text substitution, where we can add the word or phrase to abbreviate, and most importantly, the combination of keys that activates it. Thus, we can abbreviate “please” and have the iPhone write this word every time we type “pf”.

How to measure objects and hang pictures perfectly

All iPhone have an application not well known and baptized as Measure with which we can very easily measure the length of the objects and use the terminal as a level to make sure that we hang a perfectly aligned picture. For the first, the iPhone uses the camera and augmented reality to mark the ends on which to draw the distance with great precision; With respect to the level, the system uses the gyroscope to measure the exact inclination of the device.

Hide indiscreet photos

Few people know this interesting function of the iPhone but you can keep a photo album hidden from the eyes of others. We all know the unpleasant sensation it feels to leave the iPhone momentarily to someone and that by accident he bumps into the reel of photographs with content that you don’t want to share. However, hiding these images is very simple: just select the photos to hide (by clicking on the Select button in the Photos application) and then press the Share button in the lower left and Hide. What’s up with these pictures? They disappear from the reel and are grouped in an album named Hidden.

Ask for help shouting “help”

If we are in an urgent situation and we need to contact emergency services, just ask the iPhone for help with a “help” through Siri; If we cannot access the iPhone, we can activate the remote assistant with the voice with a “Hey, Siri” followed by “Help” and the mobile will call 112 for us. The Internet is full of cases in which, after a fall or a traffic accident, those affected have been able to contact emergency services thanks to Siri.

Type with a finger using the side keyboards

On many occasions one can find a busy hand carrying something and need to send a WhatsApp or text message with one hand. Far from having to make balances, the iPhone allows you to activate specific keyboards to be used with only one hand. To do this, simply press and hold the world icon at the bottom of the keyboard and select the left or right keyboards (as needed), located at the bottom. These adapted keyboards can also be combined with the sliding function (Swype keyboard), which achieves high precision and speed, even with just one hand.

Presbyopia? Use the magnifying glass of the iPhone

With the passing of them the ability to read is lost and presbyopia is an inevitable evil; However, the iPhone can get those affected out of trouble without resorting to glasses. How? Using the powerful camera and screen as a magnifying glass. To do this, simply press three times on the side button (iPhone X and later) or three times on the Start button for older iPhone. This press will activate a menu with three options, Lupa being one of them; With the magnifying glass activated, you can slide the bottom bar to enlarge or reduce the image as needed.

How to easily edit text with the iPhone keyboard

Have you made a mistake writing an email or WhatsApp? You can easily amend the error with one finger. To do this, simply press the keyboard firmly to activate the trackpad mode and from there direct the cursor to the place to be corrected. Once you have placed the cursor on the word to be corrected, and without releasing the keyboard, press firmly once more to select the wrong word and edit it.


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