Can a tenth of a stolen or broken Christmas Lottery be collected? Lotera Navidad 2019

Have a tenth prize with the 'Fat' of theChristmas Lottery and not being able to charge it for stealing it or because it is damaged can be a real nightmare. Here arises the doubt of manyCan you get charged?

As indicated the portal ofonline sale lottery, if the tenth prize has been stolen or has simply been lost, the first step to take is to report it, since "in case it appears, you can more easily determine who your rightful owner is ".

To avoid this unpleasant situation, it is best to buy the tenths online, since in this case they are not lost. From Lotera Manises explain that there is the option to buy aelectronic tenth. "You do not physically receive the tenth, but we deposit it in our lottery administration and send you a certificate of custody by e-mail that proves it is yours.As you avoid paying shipping costs. Your tenth to be safer even than at home, safe from loss, damage or theft, "they say.

In case the tenth is impaired, the best option is to go to a lottery administration andSubmit a requestTo collect the prize. Thus, Plotting and State BettingCheck if the tenth is authentic or not.

On the other hand, when the ticket is completely broken, the last word falls to the National Currency and Stamp Factory.


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