Thu. Jan 23rd, 2020

Can a company include you in a list of delinquents?

A simple oversight or a bank error can get us headlong on a company's delinquent board. Being registered as a debtor is a means of pressure that more and more entities use. This unpleasant surprise is a permanent stain in economic history and can result in the loss of numerous opportunities. But in what cases is this practice legitimate?

These files are regulated by the Law on Protection of Personal Data. These are records that include individuals or legal entities that have outstanding debts. But not worth any debt, the legislation establishes that for there to be registration it must take without paying at least four months, the amount due is not relevant. In addition, a key factor in including a customer in a list of delinquents is that there should be no dispute between the two parties. The discovery must be true, expired and enforceable.

DAS Seguros experts remember that the moral damage caused by this practice is high since the client's right to honor is at stake. Being included in a list of delinquents generates a bad image of the affected party, which implies a loss of opportunities. Another of the obligations established by the legislation is that all those who are registered in such a register must be notified of such situation by the person in charge of registration within a maximum period of 30 days. From DAS Seguros they remember that it is a necessary information since the most probable thing is that they have stopped dealing with that debt, by a simple carelessness or by mistake.

Therefore, the experts of DAS Seguros recommend submitting a claim when you are not satisfied with the required debt, since this way you can avoid inclusion in the registry or if it has already been produced, you will be entitled to judicially demand compensation for the damages suffered. If this point is reached, DAS Seguros advises consulting a lawyer to advise the affected party in the process.

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