Sat. Aug 17th, 2019

Campuzano blames the PSOE for the rejection of PDECat to the budgets

Campuzano culpa al PSOE del rechazo del PDECat a los presupuestos

The spokesman of the PDECat group in the Congress of Deputies, Carles CampuzanoHe attributed the full responsibility that his group and ERC have knocked down Wednesday the budgetary project of the Government of Pedro Sánchez to the socialists themselves: "The responsibility does not correspond to the sovereignist parties," he said.

According to Campuzano, "it is very evident that the government has resigned to approve these budgets, it has not made an effort, and that is a problem and a pity", and provides as evidence the refusal of the Socialists, in the early morning, to support the request of the leader of Compromís, Joan Baldoví, to vote the different amendments separately.

"The PSOE has not made an effort, and that is a problem and a pity"

Only Unidos Podemos supported Baldoví's proposal. The PSOE voted against, along with PP and Citizens, who, in any case, have a majority at the table. The Socialists, concludes Campuzano, "have preferred to settle in the idea that the responsibility was of the sovereignty." And yet, reject that claim.

Asked if the Catalan electorate will gladly receive PDECat and ERC have joined their vote to the PP and Citizens, who want the application of a deep and prolonged 155, Campuzano believes that the Catalan electorate is "concerned about the 155, but more concerned for the trial in the Supreme Court. " In any case, Campuzano admits that "any decision was always difficult, but we are committed to dialogue, because that is what can resolve the political conflict."

"The Catalan electorate is concerned about 155, but more for the trial in the Supreme Court"

Regarding the legitimacy of calling an election while the 1-O Campuzano trial is underway, he said that "it is compatible in legal terms. In political terms it is more debatable but the prerogative is of the President of the Government, "he said.

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