May 14, 2021

Campsites seek to be seen as a safe destination for the summer

The Spanish Federation of Campings (FEEC) urges the Government to design a campaign that, in the face of summer, promotes this type of facility among Spaniards as a healthy and safe tourist alternative, and claims to be working on internal protocols to ensure that this is done. be.

“We know that it is going to be a difficult summer (…), but we are working and already taking measures to offer a safe and quiet holiday,” FEEC president Ana Beriain explained on Wednesday.

Aware that “now, and more than ever” it is necessary “to capture the attention of the national and local tourists”, this organization puts itself “at the disposal” of Turespaña to elaborate a “national strategy” to attract new clients who see in the camping “a healthy and safe offer”.

In this sense, he sees “essential” to intensify public-private collaboration to “promote active, outdoor, sustainable and nature tourism.”

“Our establishments, being outdoors, are perfectly prepared to carry out these sanitary measures,” explains the FEEC in a statement.

Pending instructions from the authorities, he says he is working on a health protocol for action and prevention so that the campsites can prepare their facilities and guarantee safe and healthy conditions for clients and workers once they reopen their doors.

In line with requests from companies in many other sectors, the campsites also demand that temporary employment regulation (ERTE) files due to force majeure can be prolonged beyond the state of alarm.

In addition, they urge that the maintenance of all employment be stopped from being demanded in the six months following the resumption of activity, as established in the ERTE conditions due to force majeure applied by thousands of companies due to of the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic.

The sector, which last year exceeded 40 million overnight stays, also seeks to allow a partial and progressive incorporation of workers adapted to the real production of each company and the functions of each employee.

Likewise, it asks for exemptions and reductions in taxes and social contributions, and that credit institutions are more agile to meet the liquidity needs of companies.

Campsites also demand to individually decide their opening date based on government decisions so as not to jeopardize “the viability of the company and the future of its workers.”


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