July 26, 2021

Campo says that “a package of reasons” led the Government not to endorse the presence of the king in an act of the Judicial Power Barcelona

The Minister of Justice, Juan Carlos Campo, has assured this Thursday in an interview in the Ser string it was a “package of reasons” that led the Government not to endorse the presence of King Felipe VI at the delivery of the dispatches to the new class of judges that is usually chaired by the Head of State and which is held this Friday in Barcelona. The decision came before the Supreme Court ruled on the disqualification of President Quim Torra, which is expected in the coming days, and in full budget negotiations.

The prisoners of the procés return to the center of the negotiation between the Government and ERC

The prisoners of the procés return to the center of the negotiation between the Government and ERC

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“There is a whole package of reasons that have advised us to make that decision,” said the Minister of Justice when asked if the absence of Felipe VI was due to security issues. “I think we have to normalize things. Whoever had to make this decision has taken it and it will have been taken by weighing many variables, “said Campo, who has questioned the setting up of this type of” fires. ”

“It seems very important to me that the king is there, but due to the weighting of goods, there is a time when you have to sacrifice something for something safer. In everyone’s mind are a series of circumstances and variables that could question things. I believe that the greatest obligation of the Government is to protect the institutions and, without a doubt, the monarchy is, ”said the minister.

Campo, who has asked “not to overstate the issues”, has supported the Executive’s decision not to endorse the presence of Felipe VI in that act and has assured that the king’s commitment to Justice is “so strong” and is “so anchored in the minds and imaginary of the citizens ”that“ nothing happens ”because I did not attend the delivery of dispatches this year. “There is no break in anything,” he insisted.

On the other hand, the Minister of Justice has denied that the beginning of the processing of pardons to the prisoners of the procés – which he announced this Wednesday in Congress – has to do with the budget negotiations. “Anyone who knows a little how this works knows that the processing of a pardon has months to go. In that sense, he has ensured that the procedure can last between four and ten months. In this sense, he explained that “given the public importance” it seemed to him that Congress was a “reasonable place” to announce the start of its proceedings. “It seems to me a good place to announce that the laws are being complied with,” he added.

Campo has also referred to the reform of the crime of sedition – for which the pro-independence politicians were convicted on October 1 – and has denied that a reduction of the sentences to four years is on the table as published by some media. “Only the first drafts are made. In the short term we are not going to have it,” he said.


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