September 30, 2020

Campaign | Television | THE COUNTRY

Campaign | Television | THE COUNTRY

All media devote the best of their space and time to follow the electoral campaign. The leaders of the main parties synthesize their proposals to fit on the news. Image consultants, sociological gurus, ideologists …, the infrastructures of the parties live their quarter of an hour of Warholian fame. Let's take a look at the electoral promises of last weekend:

Pedro Sanchez promises to harmonize the tax of Successions, a tribute that the opposition of the right wants to eliminate or to leave it in symbolic way, as they have already done in Andalusia.

Pablo Casado, with that apocalyptic tone that characterizes him, affirmed that if the vote of the right were disbanded, Spain would be bankrupt. Of course, he also explained that if Pedro Sánchez wins, he would have won a government with Pablo Iglesias as interior minister, Arnaldo Otegui as justice minister and Carles Puigdemont de Exteriores. He forgot the possibility that Luis Bárcenas or Rodrigo Rato were re-fished as possible defectors for the Economy portfolio.

Rivera, for his part, is committed to the regulation of euthanasia, to eliminate the health co-payment and to equalize the unemployment benefit of the self-employed with the rest of the salaried workers. Pablo Iglesias promised that a large public company would take over the exploitation of hydroelectric plants whose concessions expire with the aim of "lowering the electricity bill, guaranteeing the energy transition, ending energy poverty and the precariousness of workers in the sector". The literally Ultramontanos of Vox will consecrate their energies from Covadonga to the reconquest of Spain.

Once again, the best analyst is El Roto and his cartoon: "Elections are coming again: it's raining hams".


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