Caminero will pay € 20,000 and avoid imprisonment for money laundering of drug trafficking

Caminero will pay € 20,000 and avoid imprisonment for money laundering of drug trafficking

Former Real Valladolid player Jose Luis Perez Caminero, current sports director of Malaga, has agreed with the Prosecutor's Office to pay about 20,000 euros as a fine for having committed a crime of money laundering from drug trafficking, so avoid going to prison .

That is the agreement reached by the parties after Caminero admitted the facts and the prosecutor reduced from 4 years to 4 months his request for jail jtogether with a fine of 17,237 euros, for the undue delay of the case and after applying the subtype of reckless in the crime of money laundering.

However, the legal representative of the ex-football player has also agreed with the prosecutor to finally replace the prison sentence with a fine of 2,400 euros, so that finally he must pay 19,637 euros.

José Luis Pérez Caminero has sat down today in the bench of the Provincial Court of Madrid along with 14 other defendants, for whom the prosecutor initially requested four years in prison, except for the three ringleaders of the plot, Eduardo HJ, Jorge BH, Francisco DS, for which he asked for six years in prison.

However, at the conclusion of the trial, and after admitting the facts, all the accused have reached an agreement in accordance with the Public Prosecutor's Office.

In this way, the three leaders of the money laundering scheme have accepted a prison sentence of 18 months and a fine of 34,473 euros and the rest, like the sports director, 4 months in jail and a fine of 17,237 euros.

According to legal sources have pointed to the press, in addition to the undue delay of the case, the prosecutor would have reduced the penalties after having applied to a part of the accused, including Perez Caminero, the subtype of reckless in the crime of money laundering.

A decision that the prosecution would have justified, have pointed the same sources, in which the defendants did not know the illicit origin of money at the time in which they committed the facts.

On the other hand, the condemned, like the ex-footballer, will not go to prison, because for some of them it has been dictated the substitution of the prison sentence for fines and for others it has been suspended for work to the community because of your economic situation

The 15 accused have admitted that they were part of this plot in which one of the leaders, Eduardo HJ used a jewelry store, which he himself ran in the Madrid district of Usera, as a reception center for the money that some Colombian and Mexican organizations obtained from the cocaine trafficking.

The money was delivered to the jeweler in small denominations (5, 10, 20 and 50 euros), and later the delinquents removed it from the premises and exchanged it in different places for others of high value (100, 200 and 500 euros) to then be transported abroad, mainly to Colombia and Mexico.

Perez Caminero was arrested on June 8, 2009 in Rubén Darío's roundabout when he was transporting, from Valladolid to Madrid, 58,500 euros in 500-euro notes supposedly from the plot.

Three other detainees in this operation were linked to Valladolid, two of them in the banking sector and another in the law.

According to the prosecutor stated in his letter, as admitted in the Pérez Caminero trial, the exfutbolista contacted "assiduously" with another of the leaders of the plot, Francisco DS, with the purpose of carrying out "exchange tasks" of banknotes of small value for high value tickets.

Francisco D.S. he provided "regularly" to the ex-football player different amounts of money to be exchanged for 200 and 500 euros.

And even, at times, it was Perez Caminero himself who offered to make the exchange. Thus, both agreed at the end of February and beginning of March 2009 to exchange a total of 150,000 euros.

The money that was intervened by the Civil Guard to the different parties amounted to 1,854,550 euros.


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