Sat. Oct 19th, 2019

Cameron Boyce died because of the epilepsy he suffered

death of actor Cameron Boyce
, with only 20 years, continues to shock the world. The forensic medical department of Los Angeles announced that the autopsy to the star of Disney July 8th. However, the report revealing the official cause of the death of the actor due to the request to practice additional evidence was delayed.

The autopsy could not reveal what were the causes that caused the death of the actor Jessie Y The descendants. "A necropsy was performed and it was decided to postpone the announcement of the cause of death until a new investigation occurs," the department said in a statement, commenting that Boyce He was "found unconscious" at his home, where his death could only be certified.

Cameron Boyce

The actor died while sleeping

"He died while asleep, due to a seizure that was caused by a medical condition for which he was receiving treatment," a spokesperson for the hospital had announced. Boyce family when the young actor's death was known.


However the half American TMZ
revealed that Boyce allegedly died for epilepsy, a disease that caused frequent seizures and that finally ended his life while he slept.

In its most recent edition, TMZ says he agreed to the results of the autopsy of Boyce and says that "it could not be revived after the doctors rushed to go to his house, according to police sources."

TMZ He also expressed that in the medical reports his death was qualified as "natural" This was because the conditions of his body were stable before he had the apparent attack of epilepsy.

The American media cites that Boyce was being treated against epilepsy with medication and medical assistance since he had started acting when he was only 11 years old.

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