Camela sings against the coronavirus - La Provincia

In times of coronavirus, we are discovering that anything is possible. Even more so when most of us citizens are isolated in our homes as a basic measure to try to stop the spread of the disease. Since that confinement, the creativity is skyrocketing with social media as a necessary vehicle to maintain the feeling of collectivity. And that's when Dioni Martín de Camela appears and gives us the hymn they needed these days.

""Listen to me, understand it, stay home please wash your hands with soap, in case you go out on the balcony ", sings the man from Madrid in a video on Instagram in which he adapts the lyrics of Camela's 1995 hit 'Escúchame' to the bewildering current times.

"For you, for our elders, for everyone ... I STAY AT HOME", Dioni writes as a message accompanying a video It already has 20,500 views from its original source on its Instagram account (but it has already gone viral on all networks).

The other half of Camela, Ángeles Muñoz, has released her own reinterpretation of the song 'When love sets sail', in which she now sings: " We will be better if you only go out to the balcony from home, to applaud and respect us with love. Take action, take caution. If you go to the pharmacy to buy or something higher, you fulfill it ... and we will be better. "

Fans of the duo have welcomed these 'new' songs with joy and fuss, not only sharing them briskly on social media, but even encouraging themselves to upload their own karaokes with songs by Camela.


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