Cambados mourns the death of his neighbors in the wreck of "Sen Querer Dos"

Cambados mourns the death of his neighbors in the wreck of "Sen Querer Dos"

The quiet town of Cambados, in the province of Pontevedra, has held a minute of silence this afternoon for the death of three of its neighbors in the wreck of "Sen Querer Dos", based in Portonovo, which occurred four and a half miles from Cabo Fisterra (A Coruña).

The City Council, governed by the socialist Fátima Abal, has arranged three days of mourning, by decree of the Mayor, but this afternoon at eight a plenary session of the local corporation will be held in order to endorse such measure.

The ardent chapel will be installed in the O Pombal municipal pavilion, near the homes of the families of the deceased, all located in the area of ​​Fefiñáns, and will wait for the autopsies to conclude and, therefore, for the reception of the bodies. The scheduled time, in principle, is around five.

It is also foreseen that the funeral of the three sailors will be celebrated tomorrow at four o'clock, in an act officiated by the archbishop of Santiago de Compostela, Julian Barrio, although this date would be modified if the sailor were found whose trail was lost and that is from this same location.

Maritime Rescue has resumed early this morning the search precisely the only one missing in this unfortunate accident, which has resulted in six survivors and three fatalities, all of them parents.

It is about the patron of this purse-seine, Manuel Serén, and of the sailors Teófilo Rodríguez and Bernardino Padín.

The family of Guillermo Casais, the sailor who is trying to locate, awaits at home any news about his whereabouts.

"Her family awaits the appearance of her body and, if they need it, we will provide her with psychological help," the mayor told the press, adding that it is "a very dramatic situation", since "her parents They are very old and he had just married his wife … and they have very young children. "

The residents of Cambados have turned to comfort with their support the families of the deceased sailors, whom they have wrapped in the multitudinous celebration of the minute of silence in the Plaza del Ayuntamiento, in the center of this small charming fishing village.

The town will be in official mourning until 24.00 hours on December 22, so that all flags will fly at half mast, the Christmas lights will remain off and all events and celebrations are suspended, including those organized for Christmas.

"We want to move our unit to the family of the deceased, to those people who were very close: they were much more than coworkers, since they lived, laughed, cried, slept and ate together," the councilor said.

The minute of silence was also attended by the government delegate in Galicia, Javier Losada, who has conveyed the condolences and the support of the Spanish President, Pedro Sánchez, and has reported on the development of the search and rescue efforts.

"The operation has been resumed this morning with the participation of the Helimer 402, the Sasemar 102, the multi-purpose vessel Don Inda, which has been working all night, the Fishing 1, the Salvation ships and the Navy, the Helicopter of the Guard Civil and a Maritime Rescue aircraft ", has listed Losada.

The Government delegate also pointed out that the investigation of the shipwreck and the statements of the survivors suggest that a blow of sea would have pushed some nets to the bottom of the ship, where they would have coiled, in the propellers, stopping the machines and unleashing, with this obstacle, turning.

In the last twenty-four hours have died four sailors and a crew member is missing after two shipwrecks on the Galician coast.

The first of these occurred on Wednesday near Cape Fisterra (A Coruña), where the ship "Sin querer dos" shipwrecked, based in Portonovo (Pontevedra).

In the second accident, which occurred early this morning in the Malpica dock (A Coruña), one sailor died and three more were rescued alive.


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