Fri. Dec 6th, 2019

Calvo sees good predisposition of ERC to approve budgets

Calvo ve buena predisposición de ERC para aprobar los presupuestos

The Vice President of the Government, Carmen CalvoHe has assured that he sees good predisposition in ERC regarding the State's general budgets for 2019 after having a brief meeting with the vice president of the Government, Pere Aragonès. Calvo has attended this Wednesday night the awards ceremony of the Pimec employers and his arrival at the Museu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya (MNAC), where the event is held, and after being received by Aragonès, has met with him during 10 minutes.

After eight o'clock in the afternoon, the president of the Generalitat has also arrived at the MNAC, Quim Torra, and that of the Catalan Parlament, Roger Torrent, who, along with Aragonès, have greeted the vice president in a cordial tone and have talked with her for a few minutes.

Development, "willing to consider" the participation of the Generalitat in El Prat

Speaking to the media, Calvo has assured that the Infrastructure Commission, one of the committees derived from the State-Generalitat Bilateral Commission, will meet "very soon", and has commented that the Ministry of Development would be "willing to consider" the participation of the Generalitat in the Barcelona-El Prat airport.

Beyond this issue, Calvo pointed out that he had been speaking with Aragonès "about the very good possibilities for Catalonia that would be opened in the event that there could be general state budgets" in 2019. In this sense, when asked about whether He sees good predisposition on the part of ERC to the accounts of 2019, he has answered: "I would say yes".

Calvo praises the "constructive meaning" in the State-Government dialogue

"What I perceive and I find very comforting to say here is a capacity for respect, dialogue and encounter in the problems that affect the life of Catalonia. I find almost every day a lot of coordination and constructive sense (…) I think this is already seen by almost everyone except those who have decided not to help anything, "said Calvo.

The vice president recalled that Catalonia has the opportunity to have 2,200 million euros more if they go ahead with the state budget for 2019. "Spain needs some budgets to be removed from the skeletal level in which the right has left the welfare state and to comply with the communities and with the commitments acquired with Catalonia, "he concluded.

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