Sat. Apr 4th, 2020

Calvo reproaches Rivera for wanting to talk only with Sánchez about an "eternal" 155

The Vice President of the Government, Carmen Clavo, has reproached the leader of Citizens, Albert Rivera, who intends to meet now with Pedro Sánchez only to discuss a legally unfeasible issue such as the application in Catalonia of an article 155 of the "preventive and eternal" Constitution .

Calvo, in statements in Seville, where he has accompanied the kings to several acts on the occasion of the V centenary of the first circumnavigation, has responded in this way to Rivera's letter in which he requested that meeting.

The vice president recalled that it had been a long time since the president of Ciudadanos was heard that he wanted to meet Sánchez.

In that sense, he recalled that Sanchez is the acting president and the political leader who won the last elections, and Rivera has refused for many weeks to talk to him.

Regarding the issue that Rivera intends to address at that meeting, he stressed that what must be done is to abide by the recent ruling of the Constitutional Court that warns that "there can be nothing like a preventive, eternal 155".

"The TC is the one who closes the entire legal political debate in our country. That sentence is worth reading to not raise things that are legally unfeasible speaking," he added.

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