June 16, 2021

Calvo promises LGTBI collectives a state law in defense of diversity

The secretary general of the PSOE and president of the acting Government, Pedro Sánchez, and the vice president, Carmen Calvo, met on Tuesday with about twenty LGBTI associations to which they have transferred the socialist challenge of undertaking a state law to defend the diversity.

Calvo has assured that, although advances have been made in the laws for equal treatment of all men and women in some communities with socialist government, "there is a need for state legislation that offers security to all and all and equal treatment in differences, diverse and necessary, for human dignity. "

"It is one of the challenges that we have to face as soon as possible and we are as a party willing to do so," Calvo stressed before the match.

"We have always considered ourselves a friend, companion, accomplice and loyal party with their struggle always and we will continue", insisted Calvo, who has said that it is an essential issue "now that significant clouds against them, against their very democratic achievements. "

The also secretary of Equality of the PSOE has assured that the LGTBI collective will have them "even more at their side" since since "the field of ultraconservative thinking and the ultra-right" question each and every one of the advances of the struggle of sexual identity, diversity and dignity of each one of the circumstances of full life of all men and women "

Likewise, together with the federal LGTBI delegate of the PSOE, Isabel García, Calvo has expressed socialist gratitude towards some people who "left a double dictatorship for them for the persecution due to their freedom, dignity and condition."

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