Calvo meets with Artadi to discuss his position in the budgets of 2019

Calvo meets with Artadi to discuss his position in the budgets of 2019

The vice president of the Government, Carmen Calvo, and the Councilor and spokesperson of the Government, Elsa Artadi, held a meeting today in Barcelona, ​​in which they spoke of the position of the PDeCAT regarding the budget agreement that the Executive has closed with Podemos.

Sources of Vice Presidency have told Efe that the meeting took place at the Sants station, shortly before Calvo took the AVE to return to Madrid from Barcelona, ​​where yesterday he met with Vice President Pere Aragonès (ERC), who saw good predisposition in this regard.

Calvo and Artadi, who maintain a cordial relationship, according to the sources, have also reviewed the bilateral commissions put in place up to now and what remains to be referred to infrastructures.

Shortly before this meeting, in an interview in RAC1, Calvo has warned the independence movement that the budgets that the Socialist Executive has agreed with Unidos Podemos "will come very well to Catalonia too" and that, with its vote in Congress, " everyone is going to be photographed. "

The Government considers that the decision taken by the PDeCAT and ERC in the Congress will clarify if the independence movement understands that the policy is "to govern, solve problems and understand how things happen and what expectations people have" or if, instead, they prefer " that the policy passes in the space of the conflict ".


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