Calvo "does not understand" that the PRC says 'no' to Sánchez and continues asking him to comply with everything agreed for Cantabria

The acting Vice President of the Government and Secretary of Equality of the PSOE, Carmen Calvo, has eluded this Wednesday to answer if the government pact in Cantabria will be broken after the PRC's 'no' to the investiture of Pedro Sánchez as President of the Government and He said that "it is not understood" that the regionalists voted against and at the same time demand that all the commitments agreed for Cantabria be fulfilled.

"There is no one who understands Mr. Revilla," Calvo said Wednesday in his speech at 'Los Desayunos de TVE', where he said that yesterday he told the PRC national deputy, José María Mazón, during the last session of the investiture debate that "the refusal of the PRC was not just explained".

With respect to the arguments given by the PRC to justify its vote against alluding to the "unassuming" terms of the PSOE-ERC pact since in this it is not named the Constitution or constitutional respect, Calvo has insisted that the Government of the PSOE "It has remained in the constitutionality constantly and so it will do in the exclusive powers it has, that nobody will invade them and nobody will give them away."

"Sometimes I miss, even in the political debate, that some things we all already have for granted and for granted. The Government of Spain, of course with the socialist party will not break the constitutional order or go beyond the lines where crimes occur. What is not going to be maintained is the order of distrust and conflict that the PP government had, "said the vice president, who has apostilled that since the PSOE" do not think that it is necessary to explain "these things.

For Calvo, "you cannot understand" that, "overnight," the PRC is ruling with a Cantabria party, the PSOE, and says 'no' to its secretary general and then, from the rostrum of Congress, his deputy says: "However you do everything I had agreed to." "This is not understood," insisted the acting vice president in her statements in this program, collected by Europa Press.

Calvo has made these statements this morning, hours before the Executive that will celebrate the PSOE of Cantabria to decide the consequences that the 'no' of the PRC will have on Sanchez for the government pact signed by regionalists and socialists.


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