April 14, 2021

Calvo denounces bankruptcy and the weakening of the fight against sexist violence

The Vice President of the Government and acting Minister of Equality, Carmen Calvo, denounced on Wednesday a "bankruptcy in firmness" and a weakening of the fight against sexist violence because of the questioning of this problem made by parties like Vox since its entry into The institutions

"I observe a bankruptcy in the firmness and I also observe that there is a discussion that cannot be opened about what this violence represents. Moreover, there are some who practically deny it, Calvo said in statements to the media before visiting the system VioGén surveillance police.

"It is not worth putting the State Pact against Gender Violence at risk, it is not worth making decisions where it becomes loose and where the visibility of what the fight against machismo is weakened," he added.

The vice president has stressed that it is difficult to do a work to prevent sexist violence if there is no unanimity in the fight, if "a case with some policies is made to a party that is questioning it."

"We have to be unanimous, firm, we are talking about 1,013 women murdered – since 2003-, 38 so far this year. (…) We are a society that shines in the panorama of democracies and the states of the world for having taken this work of decency very seriously. "

Specifically, Calvo has expressed concern about the "influence" that Vox is having in Andalusia, something that conveyed by letter to the president of the Board, Juanma Moreno, three months ago, a message that got no response.

"An institution as important as the Junta de Andalucía (…) obviously cannot weaken in the Pact of Violence because the political party or the two political parties that govern, it is true that dragged by Vox, are part of this Pact and they have to stand firm, "said Calvo.

Calvo transmitted to Moreno his concern about the incorporation of a party like Vox "that clearly questions many of the concepts" that have cost decades to promote from politics and laws.

He recalled that 1,013 women have been murdered by their partners or ex-partners since 2003 and 29 minors since 2013: "There is a lot of cutting and that is why my concern that we will be dragged by an ultra-right political party that is questioning nothing more and nothing less than the joint work of all forty years of democracy. "

The Minister of Equality has asked the ruling parties in Andalusia to have "extreme vigilance of this situation that weakens the Pact."

In addition, Calvo has advanced that, once all the autonomous governments are constituted, it will convene a sectoral meeting to address coordination with the autonomous communities regarding the fight against sexist violence.

As for the controversial Andalusian campaign on abuse in which smiling models appeared, the vice president stressed that "she has received all kinds of comments" that "it is obvious that she deserved" and has insisted that the Junta de Andalucía cannot falter in the fight against gender violence.

The vice president has stressed the need to denounce gender violence because it detects a clear setback in the social message that we must denounce.

In "the vast majority of the situations we face, including the murders, had not been denounced. We must remember that not only can and should and we want them to report them, anyone can do it, it is a solidarity complicity and absolutely essential to protect "to these women.

"I ask that women take a step forward, we will improve the response as much as possible," he said.

At present, Calvo said, there are 32,000 specialized people working against sexist violence in the VioGén system, for which 4 million cases have passed since its existence and in which 56,000 women are currently monitored: 400 at high risk

"Surely we are the only country in the world that has an endowment of this nature and everything is little because we have to continue making many more efforts of means, consciences, unity, coordination and efficiency: it is an intolerable situation that there are murders of women, "he said.

The vice president has warned that the Government "will not stop" in this fight and has asked the rest of the institutions and powers of the State for their collaboration.

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