Calvo blames the PP of the Vox boom for politically using the problem of Catalonia

Calvo blames the PP of the Vox boom for politically using the problem of Catalonia

The vice president of the Government, Carmen Calvo, has attributed this Friday the rise of Vox to the "ineffectiveness" of the PP of Pablo Casado and that from the "popular" ranks has been used "politically" the separatist rupture in Catalonia.

"It turns out that it is this Government that has to be asked about the crisis in Catalonia, when you do not control the crisis, the independents break the constitutional order unilaterally and you decide to use politically every day with very little responsibility," said Calvo. asked if he blamed the rise of the Santiago Abascal party to the independence crisis.

In his opinion, the situation in Catalonia causes the "extremes to rebound" and accuses the PP of reiterating in the control sessions to the Government that the Executive supports the independence movement.

In an interview in Cadena SER, collected by Europa Press, the number 'two' of the Government has stressed that Vox was "dismembered" from the PP and its rise is due to an "inoperancia" of both 'popular' and Citizens, two forces that "have not seen it coming". "Now Vox is really the one that pulls them, the one that sets the tone, in Andalusia it's very clear," he underlined.

He also charged against the proposals of the PP and Citizens regarding Catalonia and the Basque Country, understanding that they are not very understanding of the territorial structure of Spain. "There are two territories that are in the hands of nationalists, and this has always been the case," he said.

"We are all going to have to talk to everyone," Calvo said, making PP and Ciudadanos vindicate the unity of Spain when, every day, they "speak against two territories." "We must conquer, electorally, these territories to support the constitutional model, why these forces do this?" He said.

And questioned by the internal response in the PSOE to the approach to independence, Calvo responded that in his party is "clear" that Catalonia is part of Spain and that there is no other way out "for any socialist" dialogue with nationalism to maintain the unit of Spain.

"Another option is the permanent 155 not reviewable, as a threat and a condemnation of the right to political autonomy?", Has criticized, to emphasize that this principle and that of the unity of Spain is the "both mount, mount both" of the Constitution.


On seeking the support of the independentistas to a possible investiture of Sanchez, the vice president has defended that the independentistas hold positions that are not prohibited, while respecting the rules of the game. Therefore, he has claimed that all seats in Congress are "legal and legitimate".

Calvo defends that the Executive has validated decrees with all the groups of the chamber. "They call us abertzales and absurd things, but they have voted with us," he said about PP and Ciudadanos. Moreover, about Albert Rivera has described as "shot in the foot" that has extended a veto to the PSOE that is "unprecedented" and that is not understood abroad.

"Rivera is a hostage of his chained errors", has summarized the number two of the PP to Congress on the list of Madrid. In his opinion, he "immolated" by standing with Mariano Rajoy in the motion of censure and now it is difficult to rectify.


Calvo has indicated this Friday that the Prime Minister, Pedro Sanchez, does not shy away from discussing with Vox and that is why he will attend the debate organized by Atresmedia, denying that this supposes a contempt for RTVE, which proposed a debate to four with the PP candidates, PSOE, United We Can and Citizens.

He has defended that Sanchez has decided that he will debate with Vox because he is a force that has "broken into" the political scene. "Do not shy away from discussing with Vox," he stressed.

"And that can not be done in the public," he explained, given that RTVE is governed by the LOREG and has established that Vox does not participate because it does not have parliamentary representation.

Asked if this strategy could promote the growth of Vox, Calvo explained that he would feed more to the "extreme right" if he were not to debate with them and his postulates were not answered. "It is more democratic to confront them and respond, they propose to skip the Constitution directly, their measures are to get out of the Constitution," he stressed about the formation of Santiago Abascal.


However, he admitted that in the next legislature will have to review and propose changes in the electoral regulations to renew things that are "obsolete", referring to the prohibition to publish surveys the last week before the elections.

Although regular debates have not been clear, Calvo has pointed out that there are systems that have legislated and not others, and stressed that, in any case, in Spain there have always been debates in different formats.


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