Calvo assures that PSOE and United We can agree on budgets to negotiate with the rest of the parties and assumes that ERC will not support

The Government seeks to put the strong disagreements that the coalition staged last week on track, especially as a result of the warning that Podemos launched in against a budget negotiation with Ciudadanos. The first vice president, Carmen Calvo, has tried to downplay the different "nuances" that the parties that make up the cabinet have and has tried to reassure her minority partner by ensuring that the public accounts will be based on an "internal" agreement and that later they will seek the "external" support they need for the absolute majority. However, the socialist leader assumes that ERC will not endorse the budget project and ensures that the Executive will address the entire parliamentary arch to save the accounts and, with them, the legislature.

The negotiation of the Budgets stresses the coalition of PSOE and United We Can after a week of scuffles

The negotiation of the Budgets stresses the coalition of PSOE and United We Can after a week of scuffles

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"It is logical that two different political parties have different nuances to draw up a budget, but we have no concerns at this time," said Calvo in an interview in RNE's Las Mañanas. "We are going to address an internal project of the two parties. that we are in the Government, of both parties, to the rest. " Calvo tries to appease the malaise of Pablo Iglesias by the attempt of Ciudadanos to subtract all prominence of the confederal group in public accounts. "The PSOE knows that with us it is not going to count on Citizens for budgets," said Podemos spokeswoman Isa Serra on Friday, urging the Socialists to "take care of the majority that the Government supports."

"We read how the government told Junqueras that it will not support the budgets"

But while Unidos Podemos wants to wait for the electoral horizon in Catalonia to be resolved to rally the support of ERC, the socialist part of the Government makes it clear that this is not its intention. "Two or three weekends ago, Junqueras said:" We are not going to approve the budgets. "We read this as a government, nobody has invented it," Calvo said about a headline from a month ago in La Razón-. If we read this, we have to keep working. "" We have no other choice. this is not eligible, it is mandatory, "said the first vice president about the need to seek the rest of the parliamentary support.

"As much as one is in the opposition, the time has come to help, the arithmetic is not random - he has expressed about the absolute majority that is required to carry out the budget project -. We will try to negotiate with all those who feel that also they have to contribute something ". The socialist part of the Executive has multiplied the pressure on Pablo Casado to facilitate public accounts. Pedro Sánchez stars this Monday in an act in which he will bring together the highest representatives of the Ibex 35 as well as the employers, unions and representatives of civil society with the aim of demanding unity from both the political forces and the group of social agents to overcome the crisis left by the coronavirus.

Calvo rules out a debate on the State model

"E PP is a very important party to understand Spanish democracy, it is not necessary for anyone to pressure it, it is necessary to find its position," said Calvo, who believes that Casado must fight against the far right and "occupy a space for collaboration in a exceptional situation ". Thus, he has taken the opportunity to demand the PP and the governments he leads to abandon the "confrontation" regarding the fight against the pandemic. In fact, Calvo has stirred up the autonomous communities that accuse the Government of inaction and recalled that many asked to get out of the state of alarm and that the powers be returned to them while now they demand that the Government act. "These phrases of confrontation of the PP are good but they are not substantiated with the reality at all," he asserted. Calvo has also ruled out that the Government is going to carry out a legislative reform to facilitate the limitation of rights and freedoms without the state of alarm that, in his opinion, is the most guaranteeing formula.

The vice president has ensured that the rebound in infections was "predictable" and has called on "prudence and discipline" as a formula to stop it. Thus, she has emphasized that public administrations have the elements to prevent and track cases to stop the spread of the virus. However, it has been against to carry out a new confinement: "A country cannot be permanently in confinement because it ends up sinking."

On the departure of the emeritus king of Spain and the possibility of opening a debate on the state model at the request of United We Can, Calvo has ruled it out. "In the Government we can be two parties with different ideas about the form of State, but the Government as such is in defense of the constitutional order," he stated before adding: "We have a parliamentary monarchy as a form of State and that is what we dedicate ourselves to. . The Government is not about opening a debate on the form of State "


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