Calviño squeezes the CEOE and says that his ‘no’ to the labor reform “would not condition” the arrival of funds



The First Vice President of the Government and Minister of Economic Affairs and for Digital Transformation, Nadia calviño, has assured this Wednesday that a possible ‘no’ from the CEOE to the labor reform
“It is not a condition in itself” for the receipt of European funds
. “I am confident of reaching a tripartite agreement, not because anyone demands it, but because it is desirable,” said the vice president in an interview with RNE, in which she insisted on her “determination” to achieve the objective that the labor reform has the endorsement of unions and employers, an objective that, as he has said, is shared “absolutely” by the second vice president and Minister of Labor, Yolanda Díaz. “We already have the whole package of elements on the table and it is about fine-tuning to reach a balance,” he added.

Calviño has stressed that the social agents “know” that Spain “is at stake” and has praised their commitment to continue working in this new labor framework, which will “Europeanize” the Spanish labor market, and where it is important, facing Brussels , is that it addresses structural problems such as temporary employment and youth unemployment.

A few weeks ago,
the president of the CEOE, Antonio Garamendi, recalled that businessmen are “where Europe is”
and that international funds, those who buy the debt, and companies “care more about the labor reform than the arrival of European funds.” In this sense, the business leader opted for reaching a “good and reasonable agreement, leaving aside the radicalities.” “Without reforms that do not help entrepreneurs, who will handle four out of every five euros of funds, they will be useless”Garamendi pointed out.


Regarding the mobilizations and protests of different sectors, such as transporters or farmers, the vice president has shown her “understanding” and respect for their demands, but has asked that it “not be generalized” because the recovery of the Spanish economy is underway and is intense.

According to Calviño, the recovery “is already being noticed”, as reflected by the indicators of the labor market, with about 20 million affiliated with Social Security and a higher level of occupation than the one existing before the pandemic. “The situation in the labor market is very positive, but we have to make sure that the recovery is rich in quality employment and that it is fair and reaches all citizens,” he stressed.

Asked if the Government will review its economic forecasts in the light that some organizations have already done so downward, the head of Economic Affairs stated that “the important thing” is to have a perspective “as solid as possible.” At this point, he stressed that the labor market reflects a “very intense” recovery and that the deficit and public debt objectives will be met.

“We may be discussing figures, but I do not believe that this will change the reality that is a strong recovery underway, with Budgets that give us stability,” he stressed.

Regarding President Pedro Sánchez’s commitment that citizens will pay at the end of the year for their electricity bill the same as in 2018 in average terms, Calviño has ensured that this objective will be met and has defended the Government’s measures to cushion the impact of the rise in electricity on the population, with a fiscal effort of the order of 4,000 million euros.

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