May 16, 2021

Calviño says that the entrance of VOX into the Andalusian Parliament is not "positive"

Calviño says that the entrance of VOX into the Andalusian Parliament is not "positive"

The Spanish Minister of Economy, Nadia Calviño, said today that the entrance of the far right VOX into the Andalusian Parliament is not "positive" and assured that the PSOE "has the responsibility" to try to obtain the necessary support to form a Government in Andalusia after the results electoral

"The introduction and growth of parties that have an ideology that may not be fully compatible or that is even outside the main values ​​of our Constitution is not an exclusive phenomenon of our country." The assessment is not positive, it is a factor with which we will have to work from now on, "he said in Brussels.

Asked on his arrival to the meeting of economic headlines of the eurozone on Monday in case the support of pro-independence parties in the motion of censure to make the president of the Government to Pedro Sanchez has been able to "take its toll" the central executive, said it would be " very risky estimate what have been the causes that may have led to that election result.

"I think there has not been time, I am not the right person to do that analysis today," he said.

In any case, he considered that it corresponds to the PSOE to try to form a Government in the region.

"I understand that the PSOE, the most voted party, has the responsibility of trying to achieve the necessary support to govern in the autonomous community," said the minister after being asked if the result of the regional elections forces to advance the general elections or The Government is still thinking about presenting the budgets for 2019 in Congress.

Although the PSOE won the Andalusian elections on Sunday, the 33 seats obtained represent the worst result achieved during democracy and do not guarantee to maintain the regional government, while the extreme right of VOX entered the regional chamber with twelve seats.

Calviño added that the Spanish Executive's project is "pro-European, defense of the Constitution, defense of fundamental values"

"That is the context in which we will continue to develop our function and does not change the road map to present a draft of the General State Budget that combines budget discipline with social policies aimed at reducing inequality in our country", he assured.

The Minister of Economy reiterated that the Government's budget plan "is within the margins of flexibility" left by the community standards included in the Stability Pact, after the European Commission issued an opinion that considers that the draft carries the risk of breaking these rules for failing to undertake the required structural adjustment.

"It is normal at this stage that there are discrepancies or different assessments or estimates about what will be the effective result of the measures that we want to implement," Calviño said.

The European Commission considered that the Spanish budget entails default risk because, according to its forecasts, it does not guarantee the structural adjustment of 0.65% of the required GDP and neither does the effort of 0.4% of GDP that the Government expects. According to his calculations, the structural balance "will remain unchanged".

This is due to the fact that the Commission estimates that the collection will be lower and the expenses greater than what the Government expects.

The Eurogroup will debate today the opinions of the Community Executive on the budgetary plans of the Member States.


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