July 8, 2020

Calviño says that only a 4-year government can address pending reforms

Madrid, Sep 18 (EFECOM) .- The acting Economy Minister, Nadia Calviño, stressed that Spain needs a stable government of four years and with a Europeanist vocation to address unresolved imbalances such as unemployment, debt or inequality, and to meet the challenge of digital and ecological transformation.

During the closing of the 2020 Trends Forum organized by El País and the consultant Kreab, the minister assured that Spain has to face the pending structural reforms, in an environment of economic slowdown, marked by the risk factors that are the commercial tensions that are affecting global value chains and a possible "brexit" without agreement.

This has added the slowdown of the Chinese economy and the difficulties of large emerging economies such as Argentina and the Turkish, and has influenced the European economy is based on solid foundations and that, within Europe, the Spanish is one of the what better is "weathering" the slowdown.

The minister said that when a year ago participated in this same forum the challenges were the same, except in relation to monetary policy, since then there was talk of addressing its "normalization" and a year later the types of minimum interest and talk about measures to boost the economy.

At this time, he said, the challenge is to see how monetary policy can continue to play an important role and how it will be accompanied by fiscal policy and structural reforms.

Calviño has said he feels neither optimistic nor pessimistic, but realistic, about a future that he plans to address with the same recipes that the Socialist Government has applied in the last fifteen months: fiscal discipline, social cohesion and structural reforms.

"Spain has enormous economic and social potential, but we have to transform the challenges into opportunities and it is important to reach country commitments in which the entire population can be reflected," he added.

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