November 24, 2020

Calviño recognizes "positive results" in the labor reform of the PP and four other economic news

Calviño recognizes "positive results" in the labor reform of the PP and four other economic news


1. Calviño acknowledges that the labor reform of the PP has had "positive results" by giving greater flexibility.The Minister of Economy of Spain, Nadia Calviño, has acknowledged that the "one part" of the labor reform of 2012, promoted by the Executive of Mariano Rajoy has had «Positive results when providing more flexibility to the labor market ».

2. Iberdrola takes the Baltic. The wind today reaches a speed of 25 kilometers per hour in the port of Sassnitz, in the north of Germany, and in its wake trembles the tent in which Iberdrola celebrates for everything the inauguration of its new wind farm. Seaward, the Wikinger mills are already generating the first income from an investment that will be recovered in about eight years and which will be followed by new investments in the area, according to the company president Ignacio Galán.

3. The Family Company recognizes the King as "a symbol of unity and stability". Francisco J. Riberas, president of the Family Business Institute (IEF), today expressed his support for Felipe VI as "maximum symbol of unity and stability" of the country in «Some complex moments» as those that are lived today, alluding to the political situation in Catalonia.

4. The construction companies propose to introduce tolls in the accesses of Madrid and Barcelona to stop the traffic jams. In the midst of a debate about the model that should be imposed on high-capacity roads, Seopan, employer of large construction companies and concessionaires, defends the introduction of pricing models smart in access to Madrid and Barcelona as the M-40, the A-1, the A-2, the B-23 and the C-58.

5. Bankia earns 744 million thanks to the merger of BMN. In the first nine months of the year, Bankia gained almost the same amount as in the same period of 2017: a total of 744 million euros, just 0.6% more. He did it driven by the integration of the business, since the end of last year, of BMN, and thanks to the reduction of costs that the ERE has meant after the merger.


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